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Attributions From Team Members
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Attributions from PI
Kang Du:
Teacher of Biology in BNDS, Our Primary Instructor. Mr. Du helped us with safety evaluation of our project, especially with the use of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.

Songyuan Zhang:
Master Student in Biology at University of Zurich, our Secondary Instructor. Mr. Zhang provided topic ideas for our project, as well as theoretical and laboratory guidance in the progress. He also help contacted the Shengli Oil Field, allowing the human practice to be carried out.
Attributions from Instructors
Wanji Li:
Wanji Li is an experienced iGEMer who has participated in the competition for the past three years. He provided help and guidance throughout the entire year. In the beginning, he designed the test paper for us to recruit team members. After we settled on our topic, he gave us insightful advices on designing the experiments and at the same time check if there were any flaws. Because we’re high school students, there’s often conflicts in our schedule, at this time Wanji Li will lead students new to the laboratory and conduct experiments. Even after he went to college in another time zone, we can still consult him on problems that we can’t solve and he always helps out in any way he could. Our project wouldn’t be possible without Wanji Li’s help.

Tingzhen Liu:
Tingzhen Liu has been the instructor of BNDS_China for 2 years. He is a Pre-Medicine student majoring in Biology at Brandeis University. This year, he supported our team in many aspects. He helped us contacted people outside our team and made many arrangements as an adult including the CCIC, Giant Jamboree in Shenzhen, and also communication with other teams. Thanks to him, we were able to attain data in Shenzhen when there’s no available instrument for us to use in Beijing. He also arranged a week-long laboratory training for our teammates, he taught about safety and basic procedures like running PCRs and inoculations. He also carefully checked our deliverables, including presentations and the wiki. His support throughout the year is crucial.

Jingcheng Yu:
Jingcheng Yu is a very knowledgeable biology undergrad. He helped us recruiting new team members. After this he taught the students the fundamentals of biology, including the chemistry of life, molecular biology and also biotechnologies like different types of gel electrophoresis. With this knowledge, our team members can better understand and contribute to our project. During our experiment, he filled in the empty days when the seniors in our team doesn’t have time.

Yinjun Jia:
Yinjun Jia is currently studying in Tsinghua university. He is knowledgeable in both life sciences and computer sciences. This year, we intended to model the protein structure through machine learning, and Yinjun Jia monitored our progresses: showing us the correct way to go, pointing out mistakes, and providing valuable resources. Our modelling cannot be without him.
Attributions from Others
We collaborated with many other iGEM teams this year. Please review our collaboration pagefor more detailed information.

We received the support from many external organizations. Please review our acknowledgement pagefor more detailed information.

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