Team:BIT/Cultural and Creative Products

Excellence in Another Area

About Project LOGO


  •  This logo is the redesign of the theme of this competition and the name of our team.

  •   The main body adopts green and pink colors, of which Green comes from the iGEM and our school emblem, and pink comes from the colon and rectum.

  •   The letter G is a mimicry of the intestinal structure, indicating that our project is about the rectum.

  •   The dove of peace on the picture is taken from the design of the school badge; In the form of the school badge from Eagle to dove of peace, our project is more in line with the theme of love & peace, so we chose the form of dove of peace to represent our team.

  • Fig.1

    About Uniform


  •  The logo of the project is placed on the chest.

  •  The IGEM_BIT team logo is placed on the left arm.

  •  The pattern on the back’s inspiration comes from BIT and the shape of rectum. Using the BIT letters as the pillars, the rectum-shaped lights tangled the pillars. It means that this is our special program connected our school and the rectum organ.

  • Fig.2

    About Mascot

           We mimicked the tumor and created our mascot Mr. Tumor. He knows that his arrival will bring great pain to patients, but he is willing to sacrifice himself for our research. And he is lovely and cheerful, with rich expression.


           Based on our project logo and mascot, we have designed a series of cultural and creative products, including badge, bookmarks, key chains and expression packs:

    About Badge


  •  The color of Green comes from our school emblem.

  •  The overall shape is in the shape of a shield, with the meaning of self-protection, protection and prevention. The signs of many personal care brands adopt such morphological semantics.

  •  The peace dove in the picture is also taken from the design of the school badge. The school badge changes from an eagle to a peace dove. I think our project is more in line with the theme of love & peace, so we chose the form of peace dove to represent our team.

  •  There is a double chain structure under the peace dove, which is based on the team logo. The green part is the change brought by our peace dove flying, and the red part is the place we haven't reached and the goal we pursue.

  •  There is a ribbon outside the shield with bit written on it, which is the name of our team.

  • Fig.4

    About Bookmark


  •  The project logo, badge and the project name are placed on the front.

  •  The background is the large intestine pattern, and the disease site is marked with red, which is concise and intuitive to show the diseases detected by our project.

  •  The back is relaxed and lovely, which is a collection of mascots' expressions.

  • Fig.5

    About Key Ring

    Fig. 6,7

        TWe created an anthropomorphic image of the large intestine combing the shape of large intestine and our school’s flora. It’s the girl Da Chang(Homophonic from Chinese“大肠”). And we put our team mascot and badge on it to represent our team too. In the first picture, the girl Da Chang lies on the iGEM bit sign, her eyes glittering, and Mr.Tumor peeks out to see if any sweetheart is willing to understand us. In the second picture, the girl, Da Chang, seized the cancer king, which meant the purpose of our project - Detection and prevention of rectal cancer. The red and green collocation of collocation and colonic shape sign was used to combine the girl's Chang and tumor master. The Wutong leaves and team flags were added to form our new key chain.

    About Mr. Tumor Emoji

           Our mascot is lovely and cheerful with rich expressions, so we recorded its lovely expressions and formed a set of expression package composed of 16 expressions, namely: Hello, wow, receive, kiss, ask for forgiveness, I'm fine, doubt, come on, flash of light, smile, cry, please withdraw, are you free, oh, good night and nervous.