Go Away Pollution!
Two kids, Margo and Ollie, learn about the impact pollution has on different animals of the forest. Their new friend Eddy the Eagle teaches them about how waste hurts many different animals in specific ways from a fish, to a bird and her babies, and to even a small bug. At the end of their adventure the kids learn about different kinds of pollutants from the visible kind like garbage to the invisible kind like DDT. Super Scientist Dr. C helps Margo and Ollie learn about biosensors, the technology used to help detect invisible pollution, and what methods they can practice to eliminate visible waste. Join Eddy the Eagle as he takes Margo and Ollie on their adventure to save the planet!
This book is recommended for children ages 5 to 10. It is available online to read in English, Spanish, and French and in audio format. A vocab glossary is available here.
The reader can review what they learned with a word searchand review questions.
Figure 1. Cover art of "Go Away Pollution". Click to open up a eBook/Audiobook!
The purpose of our book is to effectively communicate with children about the dangers of pollution. By the end of the story kids should be able to identify what types of animals are impacted by everyday pollution, what researchers are doing to help the environment, and what they can do to help eliminate waste. Our book includes a glossary with all the vocab words along with pictures, reading comprehension questions and a word search. We hope that the book welcomes children to be open and honest and to start asking questions about environmental consciousness.
We were planning to read our book at a local bookstore, but due to the increase of COVID-19 cases Ballyhoo books had to shut down Saturday children’s readings. Right now, we are in the process of setting up a reading with our local library. It’s planned for the third Saturday in November. At this reading we plan on starting with our story and after passing out the interactive worksheets, this will allow for the children to ask.
Science and Materials Used
The story follows a pattern of looking into how pollution affects different animals that can be found locally in Michigan. Although the animals’ dilemmas are caused by general pollution, the book incorporates the harmful effects of DDT into the causes. By the end of the story, the kids are introduced to the team’s project of the creation of a biosensor to detect DDT in an easy manner. The kids also learn tactics they can do to help the environment.
Our children’s book is bright and full of colorful illustrations. These images and the story were inspired by real-world environmental concerns. Go Away Pollution was reviewed by knowledgeable professors in both the education and biochemistry departments. Other students on the team helped to ensure that the book would be age appropriate. Our hope is to publish physical copies for our local libraries as well as a digital copy to make the story available online. We also plan to create different versions of the book in languages such as Spanish and French, and we will also create an audio version to make the story more accessible.