Our main contribution is our podcast, ScotsScience. We were able to interview Michigan State University's iGEM team about their project and learn more about how they have bounced back, like everyone else, from the pandemic. On our podcast, we also have featured episodes from our own members discussing fun science topics.
Check out one of our podcast episodes - interviewing MSU's iGEM team!:
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We also have had meetings with both the University of Michigan and Michigan State University about how they run their teams. Alma iGEM, being a very new team, still is learning how to best prepare for the jamboree in the most efficient way. Not only this, but we have also received guidance about how to manage a budget, seek sponsorship, and use our funding in the best way. These teams being very large universities have a much bigger budget and more resources available, however they were still able to show us how successful teams were managed. Continued communication is hoped for as Alma iGEM grows and presents at more competitions.