Characterization of pre-existing parts

Transformation and measurement of selected BioBricks were carried out by Connor Arens (lead), Madison Hibbs, Ruby Lovasz, Matthew Hanson, George Amoako, Kylah Fischer, Rhianna Haynes, Isabelle Conn, Alexa Dekorte and Tatym Plath.
Characterization of Universal Primers for Golden Gate assembly carried out by Alexa Dekorte with assistance in primer design and sequencing results by Dr. Devin Camenares.
Pairing estrogen receptors to promotoers was carried out by Kylah Fischer with assistance from Dr. Devin Camenares and Connor Arens.
Improvment of specific BioBricks

Improvement of BBa_K3445000 BioBrickpart was done by Madison Hibbs.
Improvement of part K123002 was done by Rhianna Haynes in the summer, Ruby Lovasz and Isabelle Conn during the fall.
Members of the Wet Lab team include Connor Arens (lead), Rhianna Haynes (Senior Investigator), Ruby Lovasz (Senior Investigator), Isabelle Conn (Junior Investigator), Madison Hibbs, Matthew Hanson, George Amoako, Kylah Fischer, . The wet lab team was advised by Dr. Devin Camenares.
Modeling, Dry-Lab, and Circuit Design
Members that are responsible for the creatation of five Math-modeled genetic circuits that was done by Paige Lamoreaux, Alexa DeKorte, Isabelle Conn, and Syrine Ben Driss.
Some of genetic circuits modeled were originally designed by Gavin Swiecicki for the Alma 2020 team. Christina Harbin created predictions for Universal Golden Gate primer binding.
Human Practices
Organizing the interview with Michigan State University's iGEM team was organized by Abbey Killian.
Alma iGEM social media accounts were run and supervised by Leamon Jones.
Members of the Human Practices team include Abbey Killian (lead), Leamon Jones, Kaissidy Homolka, Jordan Prielipp, Alexa Dekorte and Mackenzie Harwood.

Go Away Pollution!
Kaissidy Homolka and Jordan Prielipp worked on writing the dialogue and creating activity pages. Mackenzie Harwood created all the illustrations for the book and activity pages, and assisted with story boarding. Alma iGEM advisor Dr. Devin Camenares assisted with reviewing scientific dialogue and giving feedback on overall content. Education professor Dr. Yates reviewed the book’s purpose and how the themes were delivered to the audience.Alexa DeKorte helped research for the book and proofread. Peer reviewer Lexy Maas also assisted with proofreading.

The Podcast ScotScience was hosted by Abbey Killian and Connor Arens.
Music for the promo was found by Kaissidy Homolka: "The Bone Train" by Slynk.
Music used for the intro was found by Aryaan Misra: "Happy Dreams" by David Fesliyan.
History Page
The History of DDT was written and researched by Alexa Dekorte.
Graphic Design
The team’s logo, wiki backgrounds, and drawn images (exepct for the artwork of "Go Away Pollution!" were created by Sam Smith, and advised by Dr. Lauren Woolbright.
Wiki formatting was done by Gary Carter (lead), Syrine Ben Driss, and Dr. Devin Camenares (advisor).

Final proofreading was done by Ruby Lovasz, Aubrey Martin, Benjamin Schall, Maxim Kraniak, Jack Veverka, Connor Arens, and Dr. Devin Camenares.
Promotional Video
Filming, editing, and production were done by Bitworks.

Music in the video was "Hi-Tech Background Music for Video. Royalty Free Music." by FrauMuller.

Abbey Killian wrote the script and provided English narration.

Subtitles were written by Jessica Araway (Spanish), Diana Bisenova (Russian), Khanssaa Canning (French, Arabic), Dr. Brian Doyle (Portugese), and Abbey Killian (English), and were later compiled by Kelsey Taylor.
Presentation Video
At the current time, the presentation video is being finalized. Filming, editing, and production are done by Bitworks.

Video script was written by Connor Arens and Abbey Killian.

Presenters in the video include Connor Arens, Abbey Killian, Sebastian Nolte, Benjamin Schall, Jordan Prielipp, Isabelle Banks, Aubrey Martin , Maria kolb, Christina Harbin, Madison O'Deay, kaleb Leenknegt, Paige Lamoreaux.
Many thanks to the Alma College Biochemistry Department, Alma College New Media Studies Department, and Alma College Student Congress for providing additional funding.
Integrated DNA Technologies, New England Biolabs, MathWorks, Geneious, SnapGene, and Twist Bioscience for providing materials.
Special thank you to MSU’s Genomic Facility for Sanger Sequencing.