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Normal Safety

1. Good experimental habits

         1) Keep the environment clean and tidy, do not bring in daily necessities (include cell phones, you should put your cell phone in a special-made bag if you want to bring your cell phone in the lab for the purposes of recording data)         and food, and in the same way, experimental tools are not allowed to be brought out of the lab.

         2) We are going to be at a Safety Level 1 lab ,so wear laboratory overalls and gloves ,and do not touch anything in non-contaminated area with gloves on. Wear a goggle if necessary. Try not to wear shorts. Sandals and slippers are      not allowed. If you need to take off the gloves, put the glove in your pocket inside-out.

         3) Training first before operation

         4) Standardize water use, clean experimental supplies in time, and clean up pipelines in time

         5) Strict aseptic operation to avoid infection

         6) Do a good job of UV protection

 2. Must comply with various management regulations of the laboratory

        1)Do not touch any instruments that are not assigned to you without permission.

        2)Use a standardized method to hold instruments, for many of them are fragile.

        3)Do not attempt to do unauthorized experiments.

3. Prevent fire, explosion, and electric shock accidents

4. Beware of radiation and poisoning

         Possibly existing toxic substances:

        § PCR and cells

        § Electrophoresis

        § Proteins, enzymes, and DTT

        § TEMED

        § Trizolrizol

        § DEPC

        § DMSO

        § NN

5. Standardize waste disposal and prevent secondary hazards

6. In the case of emergency

        1) Report to your teacher immediately.

        2)Don’t attempt to solve the problem by yourself.


COVID-19 Prevention and Control

        1.     On the first day of entering the laboratory, each student needs to submit a screenshot of his health green code + a screenshot of his travel record . If he leaves Hangzhou during the period and then returns to Hangzhou, he needs to recollect the health code + a screenshot of the travel record

        2. Personnel access control application form, each student needs to carefully study the stationed personnel platform management system and sign

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