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Team Members

This page shows the name, position, and introduction of each of our team member's.

Hi, I am Wendy. I current study in Nanjing Foreign Language School, with academic interests in neuroscience, philosophy, and gender studies. By participating in IGEM events, I hope to develop my ability in leadership, versatility, and creativity. I also hope to contribute to the society through our project..

Ming Gao

Student Leader; Wet Team; Social Survey; Web Design

Hi, everyone, MY name is Qifeng Xu, from Hangzhou. I am very interested in Marine biology and genetic engineering, so I participated in IGEM, hoping to gain experience here and pave the way for my university study.

Qifeng Xu

Leader of Wet Team; Advocacy

Hola! This is Jiahui Wang, I study abroad in South Korea. I'm a year 12 high school student in North London Collegiate School Jeju. I am interested in the field of environmental science and psychology, I am also fascinated by how humans interact with the environment and other organisms. This passion has brought me to participate in iGEM Competition. I hope through this contest, I could gain practical experience and to obtain an ideal result.

Jiahui Wang

Leader of Dry Team; Social Survey

Hello everyone, I’m Lou Chengxiang, you can also call me Eric. I am from Taizhou, Zhejiang. I am mainly responsible for the team's device design and mathematical modeling. Currently studying at Malden High School in Boston, USA. In my spare time, I like playing basketball, cycling and skiing. I am good at mathematics, and my strong interest in 3D model design and mechanical engineering prompted us to meet at IGEM. I also hope to make good friends in the process of studying and continue to challenge myself.

Chengxiang Lou

Wet Team; Model; Hardware

Hello everyone, I am Shen Duhang , from Hangzhou and I love science. I participated in this competition to improve my abilities in all aspects and to make friends with the same interests.

Duhang Shen

Wet Team; Model; Hardware

Hello, I’m William zhong, from Hangzhou. Future biologist with also great interest on the animation.

Zhengnan Zhong

Wet Team; Social Survey; Advocacy

Hello, my name is Wang Yimai from the team ASTWS-China. I am keen on mathematics and physics. It is interesting and quite challenging for me to learn things that related to the genes engineering. And it is my honor to be a member of this group.

Yimai Wang

Dry Team; Budget; Hardware; Model

My name is Shuoming Yu. I come from Shanghai. I am now in grade 12 of American Heritage School in the United States. I like playing basketball and games. I participate in this competition mainly to learn skills and accumulate experience.

Shuoming Yu

Dry Team; Budget; Hardware

Team Members

This page shows the name, position, and introduction of each of our team member's.

Hi, I am Yuhao Li from Ningbo. I am interested in playing badminton and poker. I hope to broad my horizon, learn more knowledges, and meet interesting souls from iGEM events.

Yuhao Li

Wet Team; Social Survey; Advocacy

My name is Wang Conghao, a high school student who is currently participating in the iGEM. The tasks that I mainly engage are those related to markets and advertising. I am also interested in the project in terms of its biological improvements.

Conghao Wang

Dry Team; Social Survey

Ph.D. in Bio-system Engineering, Zhejiang University. Academic director of Worldshaper Academy. She is good at biosensor design and is responsible for the project guidance of iGEM.

Ruyi Shi


Biological instructor of Worldshaper Academy. She graduated from Chinese Academy of Forestry and good at molecular biology especially in stress resistance functional genomics . Now She is responsible for iGEM project design and project guidance.

Xixi Song

Secondary PI

Dr.Tan graduates from Stanford as a postdoctor. Now he is a professor of Hangzhou Normal University. He also work in Hangzhou Precision Medicine Research Center as a researcher and manager.

Zhou Tan


Prof. Hua work in the college of pharmaceutical science, Zhejiang University of technology. He also works for Hangzhou Precision Medicine Research Center.

Yunfen Hua


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