Welcome to iGEM 2021

Our collaboration this year involves four aspects:

1 mentored by iGEM teams

2 Co-host a virtual meet-up

3 Co-host an online activity

4 Troubleshoot a problem of hardware design

1. Mentored by ZJU-China

ZJU-China and ASTWS-China have a tradition of cooperation every year, because we are in the same city. Since they have rich experience in competition, we also want to get guidance in project implementation and competition rules this year.

On the morning of July 15th,  ZJU-China invited us to participate in an online meet up held by them. This online meet up mainly provided four teams that are included a useful online platform for potential cooperation and experience exchanges of the project. For this event, we had previously prepared presentations to formulate our future considerations and current outcomes of our project. As planned, each of the four teams did their presentations to show each other about the project during the meet up. After presentations, we had an additional session of proposing questions and critiques, aimed to further improve our project plans and experiment designs.


2. Host an online publicity and education campaign


On August 22nd, we managed and hosted an online publicity and education campaign with three other IGEM teams, with which we had collaborated with Worldshaper-Shanghai, Worldshaper-Nanjing, and Ivymaker-China. During the campaign, we presented educational materials that informed the audience about damages that could be caused by micro-plastic and the importance to find new and environmentally-friendly ways to solve this worldwide problem. Through this campaign, we improved the public understanding of the significance of our project to the environment.

Besides, by listening to other teams’ presentations, we also gained inspirations on the experimental topic that we were working on, which could potentially lead to further improvement of our on project like fostering efficiency of the system.


3.Host an online meet-up with 5 other teams

On the morning of August 29th, we hosted an online meetup on the topic of the HP part and the hardware units with iBowu-Beijing, NMU-China, NNU-China, Worldshaper-Nanjing, and Worldshaper-Shanghai.

First off, our invited guests, iGEM Asian Ambassador, Jiao Zhandong, and the instructor of our team, Dr. Shi, shared their experiences about the projects that we are about to discuss. Both of them gave us valuable suggestions about the direction that we can possibly improve our project, such as the safety and the efficiency concerns.

After that, each of the five teams began to give their presentations. We shared our projects and plans to the other teams, and surely, we learned several valuable lessons from the experiences of others. Moreover, Dr. Shi and Jiao Zhandong also gave us their own understandings and critiques about several flaws of the projects and provided us with some possible solutions.


4. Collaborate with HUST2-China

Subsequently, Lou Chengxiang, a member of ASTWS-China, and Lai Qilong, a member of HUST2-China, carried out communication and collaboration in the implementation part. We discussed how to ensure that the treated water is clean. Laqi Qilongg put forward suggestions for judging reaction endpoint. After discussion, we decided to use direct method, that is, direct detection of the content of PET plastic particles, if reached below the safety line, can be set as the reaction endpoint. Meanwhile, we regarded the sinking situation caused by the increase of reaction time. Member Lai Qilong suggested that our reaction device be designed as the lifting device: the reaction pool is at the bottom, and the rest of the water is purified. And the reaction mode between microplastics and bacteria - adsorption. Lai Qilong put forward suggestions on the magnitude of the force that can not turn away from the reaction efficiency, resulting in shedding of bacteria. In accordance with the guidelines discussed in the collaboration, we improved the device.



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