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We have successfully constructed five main composite parts that are important to our project. The strengthening biofilm (overexpressed by the OmpR gene) shortens the distance between degradation enzymes (PETase/MHETase) and nano/microplastics. The synergistic effect of PETase and MHETase is carried out through two strategies, by the SpyTag-SpyCatcher system or direct fusion of two enzymes. The combination of SpyTag and SpyCatcher is successfully proved by the results of the fluorescent photo. Besides, p-NP assay and HPLC results revealed that the proximity effect between enzyme and substance could improve the degradation efficiency of PETase and MHETase. The detailed results are submitted on the part registry page. Please go to our DESIGN and PARTS page for details.

Part Table

Here is the parts we constructed this year. Please click the part number for more details.

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