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It is part of our iGEM work to communicate with the public to obtain information and inspiration and promote useful knowledge to them. Our team tries to achieve our goals through social media, online meetings and offline presentations. In the public survey, we found that the public's awareness of micro-plastic pollution is still insufficient, and there are different opinions on our synthetic biological methods to deal with micro- plastics. Therefore, we plan to publicize scientific knowledge through various ways, promote our projects and collect feedback at the same time. We are convinced that people have learned more about iGEM and synthetic biology through communicating with us, they also have saw the potential of synthetic biology.


Biology training camp

On the 12th of July, we held an informative lecture to a group of high school students who were participating in a biology training camp. In the lecture, we demonstrated basic knowledge of synthetic biology, ideas of our project.  Because these students are very interested in biology, we explained in detail the design of gene pathway and the assembly of biobrics. The high school students also brought out valuable questions that are thought-provoking.


Live Stream on the social media platform

Due to the restriction of covid-19, our scheduled scientific exhibition in Hangzhou Low Carbon Science & Technology Museum was cancelled. We have to reschedule our Publicity & Education activity, and alter the activity to be live-streamed on the social media platform, Bilibili, instead.

The live streaming was held on the 22nd of August with the participation of Worldshaper-Nanjing, Worldshaper-Shanghai and IvyMaker-Chine. In the live stream, our group mainly disseminated the concept of synthetic biology as the introduction, later each of the four groups demonstrated their projects and any progresses we made in the past few months. The live streaming progressed successfully with a total audience of 634. The audience engaged actively and raised queries multiple times. Our team discussed the technology, advantages and disadvantages of micro-plastic treatment with the audience in our own part. The current situation of micro-plastic pollution has also attracted attention. We hope that the idea of synthetic biology is widely acknowledged by the audience and we also hope that the efforts we put into the projects will gain recognition from the public.



Speech of science popularization

In October this year, we gave a speech on synthetic biology and microplastic governance at Hangzhou No.4 Middle School. In the speech,  we told some knowledge about synthetic biology and the basic principles of synthetic biology, we mention the micro-plastic white pollution to society,and how we use the principles of synthetic biology to make the PET enzyme which can solve the problem of white pollution. We were surprised to find that our iGEM experience excited many students. They were fascinated by  the comprehensiveness and breakthrough of the competition.





Self-media platform

In addition, for the public to have easier access to the project and related information online, we created an account and published informative articles on the most commonly used social media platform, WeChat. For people who are interested in the iGEM competition or our project, we provided comprehensive articles that discuss synthetic biology and the principle of our project. Images below are overviews and activity updates on the social media platform.

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