Team:Xiamen City/Team

Team Members

Dry Lab

  • Zhang Taiqi
    Hey guys, my name is Taki Zhang(Zhang Taiqi )who is a student from Fujian province Quanzhou city. Now I'm studying in the Yangzheng high school. I got lots of hobbies. For instance, I am interested in listening music in my free time. As for me, the best way of relaxation is losing myself in the music world. Because of the IGEM game2021, I could cope with other students from different areas. I will major in computer science which is my most interesting subject. When I was a little boy, it's my dream to become a computer scientist one day. I work for the dry team. We are pulling through the difficulties recently. It's my pleasure to work with all kinds of people.
  • Luo Yucheng
    Hi, my name is Jimmy Luo(Luo Yucheng) and I'm a senior student at Wuxi United international school. Currently, I spend most of my time writing about the current situation and the prospects of fruit wine. Then I write about the relationships between the social background and our project. I have a wide range of interests. I like making portfolios, watching movies, listening to music etc. I also enjoy various sports. My favorite sport star is Stephen Curry, so I learned basketball and golf. In my spare time, I also learned volleyball, table tennis, badminton, baseball, frisbee, handball...
  • Gao Jingxing
    Hey everyone, I'm Leo Gao(Gao Jingxing) from Xiamen, a senior student studying in Xiamen Double Ten Middle School of Fujian. I guess I have been greatly influenced by my parents. They are both in the field of economics. I'm looking forward to study economics in NYU. That's why I chose dry lab in iGEM. In my leisure time, I enjoy playing soccer and my favorite team is Atletico Madrid. That's one of the reasons I wish to attend core program of NYU and study for a year in Madrid. I have many other uncommon hobbies too, such as keeping koi, making models. Maybe some of my hobbies could help in the program, who knows? Finally, I value this experience of working together with my friends and I believe we could win the competition!
  • Lou Yuyang
    Hello everyone, my name is Louis Lou(Lou Yuyang). I'm 18 years old and studying at Providence Country Day school in RI. I'm a big fan of all pop music around the world. My favorite thing to do on the weekend is playing League Of Legend (video game). Also, I really enjoy cooking every day. Furthermore, my goal is to become a physical therapist, and I spend my free time on improving universal access to advanced medical knowledges. I am grateful to be a part of the 2021iGEM in PecTeast team, and it is amazing to spend time with my teammates and learn from them.
  • Tu ChenYu
    What's up bro. My name is ChenYu and my English name is Alpha. Quanzhou, Fujian is a small city where I come from. I used to study in an academy named London International Academy in Toronto, Canada. Photographing is the thing that fills my normal life, because I want to record my pieces of life and my appearance as a precious memory. Being a part of New York University is my ambition, that's why I'm here and participating in 2021iGEM PecTeast team.
    We'll get an expected result!!
  • Yi Lingxiao
    Hi, everyone. I'm Amelia Yi(Yi Lingxiao). I'm currently studying in Beijing No.12 High School International Division. I'm interested in reading, traveling and swimming. I'm a member of dry team in PecTeast. Being a member of PecTeast, not only have I learnt much academic knowledge, but also have cooperated with teammates. My goal is studying economics. I have participated in Future Business Leaders of America. That's why I joined the IGEM this year. I believe that our team can nail this project due to our wonderful level of cooperation and confidence. I'm looking forward to the competition.
  • Zhou Lin
    This is Steven Zhou(Zhou Lin). I am a senior student from Xiamen city. In my spare time, I love to read different kinds of books, including science fictions and historic books. I found that it's very interesting to learn marketing and that's the reason I join the dry lab. In this team, I learnt a lot of skills from other talented teammates, so I think participating in the IGem program is one of the most optimal way to improve myself. Furthermore, as this is also a biological program, I learnt a lot about gene editing techniques, which is one of the most popular and controversial topic in 21st century.
  • He Tsz Hang
    Hi, mates, my name is Jaxon Hang(He Tsz Hang) from Fujian China. I am a 17-year-old student in a national school. I am really into music. It has already become an important part of my daily life. I can find a perfect song to listen in every occasion. My favorite type of music is rap music. The singer that I really love is XXXtentacion. He is not only a singer but also a dreamer who is eager to help five million poor children. He is the inspiration of my life. I also love stock market. Buying and selling the stocks that are rising and falling make me excited and alive. Analyzing the tendency of stock markets is very interesting to me. I hope I can make big contribution to our team.
  • Wu Xinyan
    Hi, I am Fiona Wu(Wu Xinyan). I come from Xiamen,China. And I am currently studying at Bishop Ready High School in Ohio. I am particularly interested in psychology and hoping to help more people with mental illness in the future. In my free time, I often work as a volunteer in Child Autism Support Center of Xiamen. It really makes me feel good to help these psychologically troubled children. Finally,I am glad to join our IGEM group.
  • Zhang Zitong
    Hello guys! I'm Nicole Zhang(Zhang Zitong), 16 years old at Beijing National Day School international department. I am a part of the dry team in PecTeast, and I have definite interests in data analysis, artificial intelligence, economics, etc. I am the kind of person who is capable to be concentrated on work. Besides working, I usually spend my spare time on reading, playing piano and solving Rubik's cubes. I'm more of a rational person if I need to choose between rationality and sensibility. I am an introverted person who is timid to communicate with strangers, but I overcame this problem since I came to PecTeast. All these make me fit the dry team well and I am glad to be part of this team.
  • Cai Bingxi
    Hi everyone! I am Roxanne Cai(Cai Bingxi). I am a senior student come from the Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University. When I was 8th grade, my geography teacher told us about the ozone hole appeared on the sky. A lot of animals lived in the southern part of the South America got blindness when they are born. I was shocked by that phenomenon and then I decided I will learn environmental science and biology to improve the situation. I assigned the group work to my teammates and I am responsible for the socializing works for my partner. Also I am obsessed with literature as well. Recently I am reading ‘the idiot 'written by Dostoevsky.
  • Zhang Yan
    Hi everyone, my name is Sabrina Zhang(Zhang Yan). I am currently studying in the high school affiliated to Anhui Normal University. I like taking photos, film-making, reading etc. I usually spend my spare time painting, reading novels and making up for photograph. It's exhilarated to participate in iGEM 2021 and hope to contribute to the team with you all.
  • Wang Ziteng
    Hello, my name is Danny Wang(Wang Ziteng), from Shanghai, China. At present, I am studying in a high school in California called Ojai valley school. I will be a senior at the beginning of school. My favorite subjects in school are chemistry and economics, which is why I participated in iGEM competition and participated in this similar competition for the first time. In this competition, as a member of the team, I will have a deeper understanding of this kind of knowledge. I benefited a lot from working with the members of the team to complete the competition. Finally, I hope our team can get a satisfactory result for everyone.

Wet Lab

  • Yue Jiaren
    Hi there. My name is Karen Yue(Yue Jiaren). I am currently a sophomore student from Shanghai High School International Division (SHSID). In our team, PecTeast, I work as the leader of wet team. Under the detailed guide of our professors, I gained the knowledge and the experience of many sophisticated experiments that I never knew before. One thing about me is that I have enthusiasm for biology and chemistry. Perhaps I might not be a smart learner, and maybe biology and chemistry might not be the two simplest subject that I have learned, I am still willing to fully devote my time and effort into chemistry and biology just because I love it. I enjoy studying and memorizing different chemicals and their mechanisms, and most importantly, I have to admit how lab workscan really spark the passion inside of me. It is indeed my honor to be part of this team.
  • Jin Yiming
    Hi, my name is Jin Jin(Jin Yiming). I am 17 years old and I come from Beijing. I'm interested in photography. I always enjoyed visiting parks on weekends and taking photos. My goal is to gain deeper understanding on biology and eventually become a doctor. I joined the IGEM competition to learn more about the procedures of doing experiments and gene related knowledge.
  • Zhang Tianle
    Hi, my name is Telo(Zhang Tianle). I‘m currently studying at Shanghai International bilingual School. I have a great interest in Biology and Economy and I actively participate in related activities. My dream is to become a clinical researcher in the field of cancer. In our team, my job is to take part in the experiments and do some records. It‘s my pleasure to become a team member in this team that I have learned so much during the experiments.
  • Wang Zheshunxin
    Hello folks! My name is Oliver Wang(Wang Zheshunxin). I am in United World College Changshu China currently. In our iGEM team, I am in wet team mainly responsible for lab data record and providing help to team leader. Aim to have developed skills and better understanding of biology for learning environment. Moreover, the experience of iGEM allows me to enter professional lab and learn many advanced biology techniques. It is lucky spending these days with my teammates. Such a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious journey!
  • Li Mengyiman
    Hi everyone! I'm Bella Li(Li Mengyiman) from Beijing and currently studying IBDP2 in Beijing Royal school. In PecTeast, as a laboratory researcher, I really enjoy doing experiments cooperatively and making new friends from different places in China. During free time, I love hosting events in school and I'm the president of host club, which aims to arrange hosts for all school events. In fact, I spend most of my time on studying biology and preparing for university applications. My curiosity about biology, chemistry, human physiology, effective medicines as well as the lab skills comes from my hospitalizing experience. During the time in IGEM, I studied tons of knowledge and so many lab skills, thus I think we could success together!!
  • Chen Jinze
    Hello everyone, I am Jason Chen(Chen Jinze), a seventeen boy from Tianjin. I am now a student in Haileybury International School Tianjin. The reason why I participate in iGem competition is that I believe I can gain the ability of teamwork and communication. Maybe I can learn most the stuff about theory and experiment at home independently, but the only chance of cooperation and teamwork is what I want joining in iGem competition. Now I am a member of wet lab in our team, mainly being responsible for doing experiment everyday and recording procedure.
  • Li Xi
    Hello, I'm Hailey Li(Li Xi)from Guangzhou China. Now I'm a sophomore in The Shipley School in PA State. This is my first time participating iGEM competition, and it is my honor to be a member of wet team. During the preparation, I am looking forward to practice my lab skills and have a deeper understanding of genetic engineering. Also, I am willing to make new friends that have the same interest in biology research. Besides academics, I like playing instruments, and I am an oboe player in our school orchestra.