Team:Xiamen City/Fundraising


Here is our name and logo design origin.

We designed our team logo and team name on 5th, August.

The logo is a little yeast with pectin. The yeast is eating the pectin, representing the modified yeast has the function of decomposing pectin. After inquiring an official designer, we realized the logo must consider both simplicity and aesthetics. Then we enlarge the size of the word, simplify the model of yeasts. The team name is PecTeast. ‘Pec’ means pectin, ‘Teast’ means yeast. The two strokes above ‘Y’ are placed horizontally and then become ‘T’. The first stroke of T becomes an arrow which means that we will implant pectinase’s function in yeast.

Two days after completing our logo, our team designed many peripheral products, including wrapping papers, postcards, and face mask designs. These products are meant for the project, not only for fundraising but also for promoting our program to the general public.

Most of our products were ordered from two Chinese platforms named 1688 and Taobao. We spent a great deal of time selecting the vendors with better quality goods and lower prices. Although we faced some obstacles, impolite insults, and communication problems, we finally got access to the final products.

We believe that these daily-used items will make the public get more interest both in our program and synthetic biology. Also, the products we sell give us extra funds to start and organize our program.

Here is our fundraising and social impact section.

In the beginning, we were prepared to make canvas bags, postcards, and other common hobbies like other teams. After the first sales, we found that the primary buyers of our products were parents, teachers, and classmates. Our influence was only limited to student groups.

More importantly, we found that to a large extent, we were constantly consuming internally. For example, my parents bought my merchandise. And the merchandise itself was created to tell the general public about the importance of synthetic biology. If there was no way to sell these goods to strangers, we could not expand our reach.

Internal consumption, on the other hand, is the least meaningful form of self-promotion.

After the discussion, we found out that 3 days later there was the Chinese Tanabata Festival (Chinese version of Valentine’s Day). We saw a glimpse of opportunity in this. We invested 60% of our capital in buying 600 roses and designed our logo with flower paper and ribbon. We also gave each of us 50 brochures to introduce our team to each other when we successfully sold the flowers. For the next two days, we worked overtime to write the wiki. And on the last day, we had one day to cut, trim, wrap and sell the flowers. In the end, it turned out that we made the right decision because we sold all the flowers with a 170% return.

After filling our financial hole, we donated all the extra money to farmers in the mountainous regions who were suffering from fruit shortages to improve their life quality.