Team:Xiamen City/Safety


General Safety

Our experiments were carried out in ATLATL Innoovation Center Laboratory which is classified as BSL-1. Before we enter the laboratory, the director gave a standard laboratory safety training. There are some basic requirements in the lab as listed below:

  • -Wear lab coat and gloves before entering the lab

  • -Wear trousers which cover your whole leg

  • -Wear shoes which cover your whole feet

  • -Tie up long hair

  • -No backpack in the lab

  • -No food or drink in the lab

  • -Dispose reagents which are poisonous to specific bins

  • -Some experiments must be conducted in certain conditions, such as super clean bench

  • -Clean the lab before leaving

Microorganism Safety

In our project, we only used Escherichia coli DH5a and AQ-pgaA yeast which are safe to human bodies. And all related experiments were conducted on super clean bench to avoid contamination with the supervision of our instructor at the same time.


-We do not use any animal or human gene in our experiment.

-The use of any genetic modification technique in our product is for scientific research purpose.