Team:Xiamen City/Partnership


Background of Partnership

VIPatent (Shanghai_Metro) is also a 2021 iGEM high school team. They focuses on developing a quick, effective and affordable strain patent protection solution, whose mechanism is designed based on the type IV secretion system (T6SS) of Gram-negative bacteria which would take effects on both eukaryotic cells and bacterial cells. Since our CRISPR-Cas 9-edited wine yeast is of huge commercial values and originally-designed, we consider that it is necessary to protect its patent. After an in-depth communication with the team VIPatent, we found out that their idea would be feasible. Thus, we decided to develop partnership with this wonderful team. We designed a specific partnered experiment plan with team VIPatent together, which is shown as follows:

Overview of VIPatent Project (Strain Patent Protection Principles)

  • Originally-designed plasmids are transformed to E. Coli (DH5a) to realize patent protection;

  • Options of originally-designed plasmids could be Pus232-ike2-tke2 or Pus232-ike4-tke4;

  • Pus232 is extracted from E.Coli; gene ike and tke are extracted from Pseudomonas putida;

  • Gene tke secretes toxin while gene ike produces protein immune to that toxin;

  • The promoter of gene ike is inducible, indicating that only with the induction of a specific ligand, will gene ike be expressed;

  • The promoter of gene tke is constitutive, indicating that its toxic protein expresses at any time.

How to Protect the Patent of our Gene-edited Yeast through Partnership?

  • Extract gene ike-2-tke2 or ike4-tke4 from originally-designed plasmids;

  • Amplify the extracted genes by PCR;

  • Produce homologous recombination template by CRISPR, and then integrate the extracted genes to the genome of our yeast ; (Since the effector of gene tke and immune factor of gene ike are commonly used, it is unnecessary to re-design them)

  • After the gene editing, put our yeast in a certain ligand to realize patent protection.

Mutual Benefits for us and Team VIPatent

  • We will acquire useful patent protection tools for our gene-edited wine yeast, with which we may and further values to in commercialization;

  • Commercialization opportunities for team VIPatent, if the partnership succeeds between us and VIPatent, this model could be proliferated fast to other iGEM teams, enhancing the impact of team VIpatent;

  • Demonstration of iGEM spirit-creating a mutually-beneficial, open, and collaborated platform for synthetic biology and related projects.