CAT is a highly integrated and friendly platform for beginners of machine learning, specially designed for synthetic biologists. It integrates several models that use machine learning to predict some properties of proteins, so that users can get them only on one platform, which greatly improves the retrieval efficiency. At the same time, it also provides some introduction of synthetic biology and machine learning models in the educational version, which is easy to understand for beginners to learn better.

Q1: Does It Have Any Risks in Laboratory?

The CAT platform runs only on a computer and predicts the properties of proteins for synthetic biologists and does not require experiments in the laboratory, so there is no laboratory risk.

Q2: Is CAT harmful to the user's personal computer?

CAT is safe for the user's personal computer. Users only need to upload the necessary protein sequence and our server will send the results. All will run on our server and will not endanger the user's computer.

Q4: Will our project infringe on software copyright?

The packages we use are all open source and we have emailed the developers of the packages to get the permission to use them, so there is no question of copyright infringement.

Q5: Will CAT harm the humanity or the environment?

As a software platform, it is not harmful to human beings or the environment. In addition, our team complies with local epidemic prevention policies when conducting practical research and does not pose a risk to others or the environment.
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