Genius without education is like silver in the mine. We have always believed that an important purpose of iGEM is to inform and educate the public. We believe that even a usual presentation or explanation can influence the future of an important scientist or other important person. From beginning to end, we attach great importance to the educational nature of our platform, and we have made great efforts to achieve our stated goals.

Birth of the educational version

Our initial target users were only synthetic biologists. But later on we realized that machine learning and synthetic biology didn't seem to be that widely understood in later communication with the public. Therefore, we had the idea to create two versions (educational and professional) and put them into practice, and we continued to optimize the pages and model explanations in the later human practice, in order to be able to better fulfill its educational function.

The Brochure

Protein properties and machine learning are very profound in the eyes of the public without biological background. Therefore, we have designed a set of brochures to provide a complete overview of synthetic biology and machine learning in a vivid and interesting way. Compared with the boring explanations in other books, the whole set of brochures is lively and light-hearted, with easy-to-understand explanation, avoiding complicated and advanced terms as much as possible; and we also use cartoon images to visualize the models, which makes the descriptions more graphic and more acceptable.

Science lectures

The content of the science lectures has been described in detail in the communication section. Every lecture, we are moved by people's thirst for knowledge. We are all surprised and gratified by every question raised by the children. When we accept people's applause, we feel more responsibility than happiness - we need to do our best to truly fulfill our responsibility of science popularization and education. This sense of mission will also motivate us to keep improving our platform and serve more people.

More diversified communication

WeChat is a very important social platform in China, just like twitter or Instagram. Together with the USTC team, we started our own WeChat Official Account for promotion. During the project, we also wrote popular science articles on the application of machine learning in synthetic biology to promote the project, and the content of the lectures was polished based on the feedback from the previous lectures in order to get more people's attention.
BiliBili is a cultural community and video platform which is highly popular among young generations in China, and we hope that our work will also be more visible to young people - who have a lot of energy, active minds, and the ability to turn ideas into reality. We upload our promotion video. Maybe somewhere in China, a young person will see our video and may light a torch of thought and curiosity and start trying to climb the heights of synthetic biology.

Educational Event

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