Over the past year, USTC-Software has maintained a close contact with USTC. We have generated a deep relationship over this year. Due to our location, we have been able to have good online and offline interaction, which makes our communication much more convenient.


Our team and USTC have always maintained a harmonious and cooperative relationship since before, and the two teams have communicated frequently on-line and off-line. Moreover, USTC and USTC-Software have also set up the Association of Coding Life in our school, dedicated to passing on iGem and synthetic biology to a wider audience.
Since the beginning of our project in June, two parties have been in close communication online and offline, and USTC has given us many suggestions and guidance in biology. During the filming of our promotion video, we also went to their laboratory for shooting, and one of their team members was featured in our promotion video.
From July to August, we encountered a huge bottleneck in our initial idea. USTC were very helpful in advising us from using the protein database to understanding of protein properties and implementing of this idea. Thanks to their advice, we realized the infeasibility of the project and changed the topic immediately. In terms of software, when they encountered bottlenecks, we lent a hand to help them solve software problems. For example, the calculation speed of modeling software, and the beautification on page presentation.
At the late stage of the project, we hold joint group meetings frequently to discuss the progress of the project and the possibility of optimization. During this period, our project has reached the testing stage, where USTC also provided comments on our project from the perspective of users and students, and provided many proteins for testing.


USTC and USTC-Software manage jointly the Society of Coding Life . This year both of us have launched iGEM promotional activities in the Hefei Science and Technology Museum in succession. USTC showed experiments, and USTC-Software delivered knowledges of computer science applying to synthetic biology field. We hope that the Society of Coding Life can Make Contribution to the field of synthetic biology.
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