Everyone in the USTC-Software

Skillful Front-ends and Back-ends:
Haoyuan Wang and Longbang Liu, who devoted to integrate the software programming with biology by coding pieces of logic to lines of lyric. Xuanchao Peng, who managed to program the terrific professional and educational websites by realizing the imaginative design into the vivid, graceful user interfaces.
Diligent and imaginative biology group:
Runhao Zhang and Jiawang Guan, who excavated biological information from piles of papers and websites by applying their knowledge and diligence to the filtration of essence.
Creative and expert Art group:
Yiwen Chen and Xingyue Yang who created excellent artworks by exerting their great talents into the process of depiction. To be honest, they enchant our pages with soul and spirits.
Excellent management and project planning:
Shuyuan Shen who undertaken all the burden of team and finance management by scheduling pieces of critical parts into the course of iGEM. Only with our responsible leader can we cover the intensive preparation.
Everyone is indispensable, and therefore the CAT develops.


Dr. Jiong Hong, who gave us a basic idea, helped us determine the topic of our project, and always reminded us patiently of our arrangements.
Prof. Haiyan Liu, who gave us lots of valuable advice in systematic biology and helped us make improvements during our working process.


Junxi Yi, who helped investigate the biological background and applications of the project.
Yaozhong Cao, the leader of team USTC, who offered us lots of advises.


The Western Library of USTC, who gives us one year’s access to Room 214, where we get accomplished most of our work.
The University of Science and Technology of China Initiative Foundation, which had been giving us sponsorship and firm support all these years.
The School of Life Sciences, USTC, for their academic support and inspiring advice on our project.
The University of Science and Technology of China Education Foundation, for their selfless financial help.


Team USTC, University of Science and Technology of China.
Team SJTU-Software, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
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