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Human Practices


Building bridges between science and society.

We firmly believe that real changes can only be achieved through social awareness. We want an effective solution against antibiotic resistance to be possible. With this purpose, on the one hand we have actively worked to disseminate this health problem to the whole population and to promote the role of synthetic biology and artificial intelligence as a fundamental part of our fight. On the other hand, at the same time we have worked on our own education by gaining knowledge not only from the team instructors but also from experts in and out of the field.

All in all, we have engaged with the non-scientific community and seek help from experts to unite both worlds and achieve a common goal: win the battle against the upcoming resistant bacteria pandemic by becoming aware of its urgency.

   Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.     
Nelson Mandela


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[2] HTML, CSS and JavaScript, by Nematrian 2020. PDF here.

[3] Sams Teach Yourself HTML, CSS and JavaScript, All in One, by Julie C. Meloni. PDF here.