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Protocol verification

A wet lab team member reviews the protocol before starting the experiment.

Joint programming effort

The team that sticks together, interprets the confusion matrices together

Bringing science closer to high schools

We explain our project to high schoolers to raise awareness of antibiotic resistance.

ARIA Team members

Communicating science

Two team members representing ARIA in PRBB Open Day.


Teamwork promotes the transmission of skills within the lab group.

Algorithm implementation

Code lines that give life to our neural network.

Learning by doing

Two high schoolers learning science through a hands-on approach.

ARIA Team members

Being focused to be efficient

Waiting for one of the DNA extractions steps to complete.

Understanding biology to create technology

Mixing the computational and biological parts to create magic.

DNA extraction from fruit

Our goal was to teach biology concepts with simple experiments.

UPF conference organized by us

ARIA team member giving a short talk as part of our hybrid event.

ARIA Team members

PCR completed!

Working hours pay off when positive results come out.

National scientific community reunited

Some team members representing ARIA in a national congress.

Mathematical modeling

Translating the biological – technological interface into a model.

Learning how to pipette

Participants learned how to use laboratory equipment.

Creating a real clinical environment for the video

ARIA team getting ready for a promotion video scene.


Our collaborators provide us with resources that make the journey easier.

Technology also allows the understanding of biology

Looking at our biological system.

Pitch for an investor

Two ARIA team members exposing our project in a 5-minute pitch.

Looking at the results

Analyzing the results is an important part of critical thinking.

ARIA amazing instructors

Working at the RNAse free flow cabin

It is important to maintain clean conditions so that samples are not contaminated.

Building bridges within the iGEM community

We exchanged ideas with our mates from iGEM Thrace in Greece.

After finishing interviews recording

Interviewees and interviewers after a hard filming day at PRBB.