Team:The Webb Schools/Safety


General Safety
    Our lab is classified as Biosafety Level 1, which means that the laboratory uses microbes that pose little to no threat of infection in healthy individuals. However, we followed strict laboratory rules. Like first, we should only use mechanical pipetting equipment, and should never use a mouth to pipette it. Second, we should safely handle sharp things like knives or something. Third, splashes and aerosols should be avoided. Fourth, we should make sure to decontaminate the work surface after completing the work. Fifth, we should wash our hands after every work. Finally, food and drink should not be allowed in the lab.
    Besides, we use DH5alpha(a kind of E.coli) as our engineering bacteria, which is quite safe. Throughout the experiment, we also have Ms. Yangyang Kong is our instructor who trains us on how to operate the lab instruments, gives us instructions, and oversees the whole experiment.
Specific safety
    During the experiment, we choose to extract plasmids from E.coli and edit them, which makes the editing process more controllable and safe. It also lowers the effect of any accidental leakage during the editing process. Besides, we use restriction enzymes like Sapi, Sami to help edit plasmids, which are all enzymes that are within the safe amount and would not cause much harm to the human body. Apart from this, the genes that we use during the editing process are efeB and amilGFP, which both are harmless to the human body.
Product safety
    Our product uses the gene-edited E.coli to help produce the antioxidative enzyme to help treat depression. Since we use E.coli as our engineering bacteria, which is a kind of bacteria that would not cause much harm to our body, there is no need to worry about getting a disease after using our product. Apart from this, the fluorescent protein expressed by amilGFP gene would cause almost no effect on the human body(except for some allergies), as well as the antioxidative enzyme expressed by efeB gene. Thus, our product’s safety can be assured.