Team:The Webb Schools/Fundraising


Setting up a stall
    In order to sell our merchandise for fundraising and improve the overall understanding of the depression in public, we set up an outdoor stall at Yifeng Galleria from June 19th to 20th from 3 to 10 pm. Our booth is located near The Bund, one of the busiest commercial spots in Shanghai. Our products included canvas bags, notebooks, stickers, and flowers. More importantly, more people learned about what we were doing and what they could do to help people with depression. People came by and showed interest in our product.
Passing out brochure
     Besides selling our product, we also boosted our publicity by passing out brochures to strangers, informing them about our mission. In addition, we put a QR code on the back of our brochure so that people could subscribe to our WeChat official account. While sending out brochures, we met some people, although showing great sorrow, who are annoyed when we say the word “depression”, and state that they have no sign of depression. However, many other people really supported us and are looking forward to our product since they have family or friends who suffered from depression. We think what causes this significant difference in hearing depression is the lack of formal education on depression. Thus many think depression is far away from them.
     From this experience, we learned that depression had been tagged with all sorts of negativity. We believe that our stall helped people learn more about depression, and all of our profits will be donated to charity.
    They seemed to appreciate our delicate setup and showed great interest in what we were doing. Some of them even took photos of our stall. We are delighted that we gained much attention in public.