Team:The Webb Schools/Members


Team Members
Ruisi (Annie) Huang
I am a sophomore at The Webb Schools in California. I enjoy playing softball and cross country in my free time. Biology and social science are my favorite subjects in school. I would like to work in the field of biology in the future. Joining iGEM is a great chance for me to really use the knowledge of bioengineering to collaborate with the team and solve real-world problems. Moreover, I am happy to meet like-minded people because of iGEM. In the future, I am looking forward to exploring more in the field of biology.
Zuowei (William) Li
I am a sophomore in high school. I enjoy a variety of things. For instance, I love playing violin and like playing classical pieces the most. I like swimming as well. However, in my free time, reading science fiction and watching anime are always the best two things to do. Apart from these hobbies, biology is my favorite subject and my field of devotion. Thus, for me, iGEM means a lot. It gives me a way to get a sight of the front border of biotechnology and also improve my knowledge of biology. I believe this experience of iGEM will change my view on biology and many other things. I am really glad that I joined this program.
Emily Yitong Li
My favorite pastimes are drawing and writing, and I utilized these skills as my contribution to LightHouse in the dry lab. Apart from those hobbies, I am both a club team and school varsity swimmer with 6 years of experience. I also enjoy listening to Kpop; my favorite artists are Mamamoo, BTS, and IU. As a laidback and easygoing person, I tend to be immersed in doing all the things I love about life and hope to live every day one step at a time.
Zihe (Oliver) Zhang
I am a Grade 9 student in Toronto. I’m passionate about science and business, which is why I am participating in the DECA club at my school. I like reading books, and I also play clarinet to relax after a day of studying. When I learned about iGEM, I thought it’d definitely be a wonderful opportunity for me to develop my communication skills and my understanding and application of knowledge. I became a member of the dry lab, and I mainly worked on the business plan and material analysis. I really learned a lot about marketing and business structure. Besides, I also improved my knowledge level while doing some research for the Wet Lab. It’s my pleasure to be on this team. We really have nice cooperation and I enjoyed the process of it.
Zongren (George) Huang
I am a sophomore in The Webb Schools. I enjoy playing golf and basketball, and I am also on the football team. Furthermore, I love going to the gym and working out. I also play the piano and clarinet. I’m a big fan of traveling and watching movies. However, when I don’t have time to watch movies, I usually watch movie analysis as an alternative. Kpop is another thing that I enjoy, and my favorite idol is IU. When I first heard about iGEM, I knew it would be a perfect opportunity for me to explore a variety of subjects. I attended both dry and wet labs, so I can experience every aspect of this program and competition.
Zhiyuan (Anthony) Huang
I am a sophomore at The Webb Schools. I personally enjoy painting, playing basketball, debating, and playing guitar. I am also dedicated to charity. The first time I heard about iGEM was when I was looking for opportunities for biology competitions. I am fond of STEM classes, and my school happens to have lots of people who tend to form a team. I attended both labs. I believe the skills that could be practiced in both labs are crucial for teenagers. I enjoy writing, broadcasting stuff, and communicating with people. I also would like to have more lab experience and attempts.
Chengyu (Michael) Fu
I am a sophomore from California. I like music, art, literature, and science. I am a boring man, don’t bother me.
Runxin (Cindy) Zhu
I am a junior at the Webb Schools in California. Apart from academics, I enjoy playing the guitar, reading.
Yijing (Catherine) Li
I am a senior from The Webb Schools in California. I personally enjoy reading, watching Netflix. I love both philosophy and biology. Other than academics, I am also involved in volunteering, especially helping people with neurological disorders. I joined iGEM to explore biology and its application in the real world.
Yuan (Andy) Bi
I am a senior from the Webb Schools in California. I enjoy reading, playing basketball, playing the clarinet, rap music, and traveling. I love studying science, especially biology, and I am passionate about exploring things I am curious about. The experience in iGEM allows me to learn and use bioengineering knowledge to solve real-world problems, and I am enjoying this process.
Yixuan (Alan) Wang
Hi, this is Alan Wang. I am a sophomore at the Webb Schools. In daily life, I love playing sports such as cross-country and basketball. I also love listening to hip-hop music, because the energy inside of it makes me feels inspirational. And also, I am a huge fan of art and biology. I love to observe the little things around me. It is so interesting to see the things around you that you might never pay attention to before. I also observe the little insects on the balcony of my house, even though they are little, but I still love watching them and trying to figure out why are they doing. I believe every move and every attribute they have is for some reason of existing. I think iGEM is also a great place to learn more about how things could change the life around us. Even small changes could bring a large difference to people’s life.
Yixuan (Rita) Wang
I’m Rita and I’m a sophomore at The Webb Schools. I’m super enthusiastic about STEM subjects, enjoying the spirit of constantly exploring the unknown and improving my ability by facing challenges. I’m also super interested in Ancient Chinese Culture. I organize regular cultural activities, including tea making, hairpins making, and incense burning in my cultural club All For Han. During the research process in the iGEM contest, I enjoyed spending time in the lab applying the knowledge from class to real-world experiments.