Team:The Webb Schools/Collaborations


In July, we collaborated with another iGEM team, Heartinker (Shanghai_city). Since our projects both focus on depression, we shared a lot of our experience with the dry and wet teams. For the dry team, we focused on two areas, social media outreach, and wiki writing. Since our group started our projects early, we gave them advice on managing an effective Wechat official account, especially when depression is a sensitive topic in China. We talked about different approaches to deconstruct stereotypes about depression and various forms of presenting our projects, such as vlogs, articles, or infographics. For the wiki writing, we advised how to work together as a team, especially collaboration between the dry and wet teams. We talked about explaining scientific concepts clearly to dry team members, especially when some members have never been into the labs. Specifically, we talked about how to meet with all team members each day to check in with the progression of the experiment. In this way, the communication between the dry team and the wet team will both improve. For wet teams, our experiments and procedures are different. However, we still discussed standard technologies used in labs and safety protocols. At first, both teams presented our procedures and experimental goals. Then, we talked about our experiments and the mistakes we made. In order to help them to avoid further mistakes, we talked about how to be careful when washing products from PCR and not cross-contaminate any samples.