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E. coli EP

E. coli EP

Welcome to Genus Lyrics (geddit? genus?), a corner to enjoy Rhys' retro romp through some hits of the 70s and 80s, lovingly adapted to communicate some synthetic biology concepts related to our project. Our musical forbears refined the art of the earworm, the catchy song driven by fun guitar riffs and memorable lyrics. If I were to be able to harness a fraction of the stick-in-your-head, hum-subconsciously-for-days power possessed by those songs which were my inspirations, then I would have succeeded in my quest to get students and people of all walks of life interested in and thinking about the wonders of SynBio and genetic engineering.

Worth noting also (mostly because I'm quite proud of it) is the fact that I recorded all of the instruments on all of these tracks from my own home, mostly out of necessity to deliver something for this project despite heavy Covid-19 restrictions in Sydney, Australia.

Track List


I genuinely had a blast making these songs, and I hope that you the learned reader not only enjoyed but also learned something from some of these songs or my commentary thereof. If you want, share them around with someone who might like them, I would be thrilled if my creations helped anyone or got even one person interested in synthetic biology and its processes and techniques. Thank you for listening!