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Team Members
Dry team
Justina Liu
“I may not be the smartest of my teammates, not to brag, but I am one of the most hardworking.” Hi! My name is Yijia Liu and you can also call me Justina. I am studying in the United States and am a sophomore. I am responsible for dry lab, wiki construction, wiki contents, design, sales promotion, purchase manager, planning, advertising, product manager, translation, and social marketing. My hobbies include baking, preventing trafficking, business, community service, skiing, diving, chorus, politics, and many more. You can always find me organizing my teammates into doing extra and perfecting our work! I come to the workshop every day, therefore, naturally, very familiar with our works and teammates. I believe myself as both an excellent friend and teammate. I always come up with good ideas for weekend activities for our team to ensure that no one is left outside and make sure that everyone has a good time!
Phoenix Gao
Hi, my name is Yang Gao from Shanghai China, you can also call me phoenix. I am 18 now and am about to go to UCL for my further study. I have several hobbies such as playing the piano and tennis. Apart from that, I am also interested in different spheres like high-tech, medicine, and sociology research. Although my major in college is population health, which mainly focuses on the analysis of medical data. However, I decide to join the dry team because I believe that letting people learn about the crisis of the disease and the information about various treatments and drugs is as important as developing new technologies, only when the dry team and the wet team cooperate properly can we reach the success.
Bella Sun
Hi, my name is Bella Sun(Jingyao Sun). I’m a high school student from Ningbo Xiaoshi High School. I like the economy and am interested in biology. I like reading. As a result, I gain a lot of specific knowledge in different areas. Coincidently, iGEM provides me a chance to experience the work as an economy student and connect with biology at a very close distance. It enables me to use my knowledge from the book and know how to be practical instead of only imagine. It is my honor to participate in iGEM and meet so many lovely teammates. I really learn a lot about how to run a program by working as a member of the group.
Wendy Wu
Hi, my name is Wendy Wu(Yu Wu). I’m a senior in the international department of Xi’an middle school of Shaanxi province. I have passions for business and the economy. Also, participation in iGEM Healers on vessels dry team not only helps me to learn more relative knowledge in biology and business but also helps me to learn the skills to cooperate with other team members. Writing a questionnaire and analysis and writing a report for the result of this questionnaire are new experiences for me. In addition, I appreciate all teachers and teammates for finishing all tasks together and giving helps to me.
WuWei Yang(online)
Hi everyone! My name is WuWei Yang. I’m currently a student in a British boarding school and I will start my university application after this summer. I’m grateful to have an opportunity to partake in the iGEM before the preparation of a series of examinations in the next academic year. From this activity, undoubtedly, I can not only broaden my academic horizon but also improve my communication and coordination abilities, which are quite crucial to my future study. I believe, through the collaboration between me and my team members, our team will absolutely get an ideal result in the competition, and further our probe into the areas we are fond of.
Lena Yuan
Hi, my name is Lena Yuan(Yingqi Yuan). I’m from Jiangsu Wuxi. I’m interested in finance, economics, and statistics. Besides this, I love photography very much, and I’m the president of the Photography club. In addition, I will play the piano and recompose popular music. It is pleasure to be a part of this team since every one of us works hard and efficiently, which enables me to finish my work on time. I learned much academic knowledge and cooperated with team members well. I will be aware of this experience and keep it in my mind.
Linxiang Jin
I come from Jilin, a small city in northern China. I like computer science, finance, and physics. I have basic knowledge of programming and physical mechanics. I hope that our team can be among the best in the iGEM competition, live up to expectations, have the hope of long winds and waves, and have the achievements of sailing in the sea of clouds.
Sheila Wang
Hello everyone! My name is Xinran Wang. I am a senior at Hefei No.1 high school in Hefei, Anhui, China. I have definite interests in math, computer science, artificial intelligence, etc. Besides, I like sports very much, such as swimming, playing badminton, running. Most of the time, people can see my smiling face, because I am very easy to communicate with, and I am also outgoing. This is my first time participating in iGEM, and I am a member of the dry team. I promise that I will finish my work on time every day. I will try my best to help my team win the prize.
Phoebe Sui
Hello, my name is Phoebe(Yang Sui). And my English name is Phoebe, I’m from Xiamen. I am an out-going, optimistic, and friendly person who can bear hardships and stand hard work. Also, have a strong learning ability. This kind of learning and living experience makes me accumulate strong organization, coordination, and communication skills, with a strong sense of responsibility. I love social media very much, so if I have a chance, I want to pursue this major. In this iGEM program, I will work hard and seriously, accumulate more relevant work experience, and be able to achieve significant improvement in dealing with problems during the internship, to make myself more mature.
Felix Zhang
Hello everyone, my name is Felix(Youyou Zhang) and I am from Shanghai. I am a high school student at Dulwich International High School Suzhou. Currently, I have shown a strong interest in economics, finance, and business. These are all necessary for the iGEM drying group. In our team, I spend most of my time buying and selling products, which really helps me understand the demand market. I am always willing to explore more in-depth economics knowledge. But I enjoy communicating with my team members more, which allows me to have more friends.
Winnie Wu
Hello, everyone, my name is Yongyi Wu, my English name is Winnie, from Guangzhou, China. I am an outgoing grill. I am also a grill who loves traveling. I like reading novels and have a strong interest in biology. In my daily life, I also pay attention to the knowledge and information related to biology. Because of my passion for biology, I came to participate in iGEM, hoping to grow and learn new knowledge and exercise myself. During the competition, my leadership, observation, and coordination with the team members have also improved.
Andy Wu
Hola, mis amigos! My name is Yandi Wu (Andy), and I’m from Shanghai, China. I have been studying at Rabun Gap Nacoochee School in America since 8th grade, and I’m currently a rising senior applying for US universities. I have been interested in psychology for years and I want to major in Human and Organization Development, utilizing psychology and economy to solve human organizational problems such as working conditions and employee communication. The business planning part of iGEM intrigues me and I want to learn as much as possible to better many future careers. I would also love to seize the opportunity to practice psychology when marketing our designed products. Apart from psychology, I also enjoy musical, swimming, and environmental protection. I enjoy dedicating my free time to volunteer in my community and help as many people as possible to the best of my ability, which is also the goal of iGEM for developing bioengineering products to further human causes.
Alex Lin
I am Alex(Chengye Lin), a student currently studies at Kingswood Oxford School, which is a co-ed day school in Connecticut, here to introduce myself. Over the pandemic, I flew back to China. Nevertheless, I had found something (magazine, non-governmental organization, community service, etc.) that I would not have the possibilities to accomplish in the U.S. As a rising junior and one of the few people who had experience in business in general, although my target major points to sociology, some knowledge from my business mindset could be combined with some sociology approaches, making me a dependable leader of the dry team.
John He
Hi everyone, my name is Jiahuan “John” He. I am currently a ninth-grade student rising to tenth grade at Sanford School in the United States of America. I have a passion for business and social marketing; that is why I am a member of the Dry team and work as a writer and business planner. In my leisure time, I like to read, cook, play piano, and hang out with my friends. I am a hard worker because I believe the harder you work, the luckier you are. This is my first time attending a competition like iGEM. I hope that we could all get the best out of ourselves while enjoying the process at the same time.
Cynthia Ma
Hello, everyone!My name is Jingjing Ma from Beijing, China. In my daily life,, I like reading, exercise, watching movies. I have a strong interest in an in-depth understanding of business and the economy, and I plan to apply for business-related majors in the future. You will always find me in the iGEM team as a business planner and on field trips and research. It is my great honor to participate in the 2021 iGEM and apply my business knowledge to the team's business planning and marketing. I expect to have better cooperation with the team members in this competition and learn more business-related knowledge through practical experience.
Wet team
Ada Zhou
Hi, everyone. I’m Ada Zhou(Rui Zhou), a 17 years old student from Zhangjiagang Foreign Language School, China. I have a wide range of interests, including listening to music, playing squash, and watching documentaries, and I love taking part in singing competitions. I am fond of everything related to biology and I plan to major in biochemistry for further study. In my future career, I prefer being a professor rather than a researcher because I enjoy the sense of achievement when delivering my knowledge to help more biology lovers fulfill their dreams. As an iGEMer, I join the wet team, collaborating with members and conducting various experiments, including plasmid extraction, gradient PCR, and restriction enzyme digestion. It is a great chance for me to learn more and improve my hands-on skills.
Ashley Yang
Hi everyone! I’m Ashley Yang (Shuhan Yang) and I’m a rising junior at Santa Catalina School, Monterey, CA. Growing up in a family of doctors, I’ve witnessed the selflessness and heroism of those in medicine. Under the strong academic nature of my parents, my aptitude and interest in biomedicine grew simultaneously. I’ve always wanted a real lab experience where I can turn theories that we learned at school into actual researches. With that being said, iGEM has allowed me to discover my passion for molecular biology while training my operative skill, fueling my determination of becoming a doctor in the future. As the wet team leader, I lead my team members to better conduct the experiments and adjust the atmosphere throughout the process. I also collaborate and communicate with the dry team to boost our success as a whole team.
Chenning Xu
My name is Chenning Xu. I’m from Zhengzhou Foreign Language School, in Grade 11. I ardently love science. I especially have talent in biology and math. In my school, I have learned a lot about biology. From a child to a teenager, I have seen many elderly people with Parkinson's disease. From then on, I aspire to use my knowledge to help to find out a cure to the disease. By attending iGEM, I aspire to enrich my knowledge in biology, enhance my experience in experimenting, as well as making a contribution to the world of science, and helping people with Parkinson's disease recover. Preserving, inheriting, and innovating knowledge.
Fred Fang
I’m Fred (Tianqi Fang ) from Shanghai, China, and I’m currently in eleventh grade from Shanghai Starriver Bilingual School. I am passionate about Biology, and I have finished reading Campbell Biology (though I have to read it twice for further memorization). By attending the iGEM competition, I am able to make use of the basic notions I have learned through experiments, and I can communicate with others who have the same interest more often. Apart from that, I love to play saxophone to cheer myself up in the darkest days; moreover, I play darts to handle my stress. It’s my pleasure to do researches with my fellow teammates.
Hans Suo
I’m Zhikang Suo from Chongqing Nankai secondary school, China. I like to play badminton, soccer, and many other sports in daily life, and I also like to watch some elaborate animation that can either bring me some positive emotion or some meaningful concept. I’m going to be in Grade 11 in September and I feel cheerful that I could take part in the iGEM competition this summer. The reason why I’m willing to attend the iGEM competition is that I have great passion and profound interest in the medical field and biological engineering since I was a child, and this interest originates from the deep medical atmosphere in my family which guide me to find a bright way to do something though small for the people who suffer from the illness.
Justin Zhu
I am Zhu Kejia, a pre-grade 12 student from the AP center in Jiangsu Tianyi High School. I have studied AP biology for a year and self-studied AP chemistry this year so I have accumulated some knowledge of biology. I have also attended some other scientific research activities before, but I only had some basic theoretical ideas and processes. Also, I found this topic about Angiogenin brand new since I mostly focus on some new types of antibiotics before. So I need to learn some lab skills to apply to the lab research. I have been loving these 2 subjects since I was in kindergarten when I was first shown the picture of chromosomes in a lecture. Later I developed my interest through reading experimental popularization novels and science fiction. My learning ability also came from the study of Go, a traditional chess game. It gave me the intuition of observation, analysis, and prediction in a general manner.
Swiley Zhu
My name is Swiley(Hanji Zhu). I’m in grade 11 at Shanghai United International School. When I was young, I liked to pick out an encyclopedia of human body structure from many books, which laid the foundation of my interest in biology. Many of my relatives are in the medical profession, including my very close uncle. My uncle brought me up from childhood, taught me a lot of massage skills, understanding the role of herbs and ointments. I will also apply the skills I have learned to my family.
Talewood Jin
Hi, I’m Yuchen Jin(Talewood) from Shanghai Foreign Language School. I’m about to be a Grade 11 student in September and I’m glad that I’m able to take part in the iGEM competition in this summer vacation. Although I’m a typical young boy who likes sports such as soccer and tennis, I also like music, especially hip-hop music. As a minister of the Vocal club (SFLS Vocal), I write my own songs and release albums both on my own and with my club members. Moreover, I’m also into biology very much, especially marine biology.
Yushan Li
Hi, everyone. I am Yushan Li from China and studying at The Bryn Mawr School in Maryland in the United States. I am interested in Molecular Chemistry and Biomedical Science. It is an honor for me to participate in iGEM 2021 and I contributed to conducting the experiments, including plasmid extraction, restriction enzymes digestion, gel electrophoresis, DNA gel extraction, and writing the reports for each experiment conducted.