Team:Shanghai Metro Utd/Collaborations


Mutal guidance with the Beer Jet team(2021 iGEM team Beijing_United)
We collaborated with the Beer Jet team to help each other out. They helped us out with the Business plan that we will write about, including organization structure, product introduction, and cost analysis. We help them with social marketing, pricing, research methods, experiment notes, and conclusion for group topics. We would create a group call almost daily to stay connected and get help with obstacles that come our way. After being acquainted with them, we believe that their project is significant and valuable for the public. Communicating with them benefits both them and us.
Collaboration with Dr.phage(2021 iGEM team Shanghai_United_HS)
We collaborated with Dr. phage team on July 21. They helped us with the future possible applications, including creating an actual product, selling the technology to companies, or cooperating with suppliers, the details of expectations for financial supports. Also, they told us how to find target customers. We suggested they survey and collect the data about whether they will accept this new possible product for children’s parents because their users are children who are too young. Finally, we helped them write a business plan with several parts, including company description, marketing plan, and future applications.
Collaboration with the Neuron target team(Nanjing_high_school)
To push the research of both teams, we collaborated with the Neuron target team. They shared some experience on how to write a business plan. For example, the plan of selling products, the obstacles they met, the competitiveness of their products and the customers, an estimate of the budget, and the future market outlook for the products they developed. We also gave them ways to promote our topic to the public, communicate with the wet team, and solve the troubles when we met them. After being acquainted with them, we know that their topic is very useful and meaningful for the public. We communicate with each other on WeChat to keep connected every day to solve the problems immediately. The communication between the two teams is mutually beneficial.