Team:Shanghai Metro Utd/Fundraising


We decided to raise funds through a charity sale. In designing the logo and making the surroundings, we found that the larger the purchase, the lower the principal. So we ordered a batch of hat canvas bags and fans printed with the team logo. We contacted the venue to conduct charity sales at two locations with a relatively large flow of people.
Operating Process
1. Introduce the nature of our sales
2. Introduce our team
3. Scan the QR code and follow our WeChat official account
4. Introduce the surroundings
5. Purchase
We conducted site inspections and interviews with passersby and gained a basic understanding of the flow of people and the attitudes of passersby. Based on the above preparations, we made a plan to set up a stall for two days and finally achieved great success.
Final Result
We finally completed the sale and received nearly 5,000 funds. This fund solved our urgent need, and at the same time, the charity sale also gave us a deep understanding of society and people’s psychology.