Team:Shanghai Metro Utd/Communication


Team: Healers on vessels
        Our team started a roundtable bioethics panel to discuss the reaction between Angiogenin and Heparan sulfate. We set our goal to get the expression vector and recombinant protein, then observe the endothelial cell proliferation and angiogenesis for future applications.
Picture 1: Ice breaker event on the first day!
Picture 2: Discussing our wiki contents (Wendy, Justina, Sheila, John)
        We set our goal with this topic because we want to cure those who are burdened with illness. In addition, we want to lift the heavy burdens put on the patients and their families. Therefore, our team pays attention to the potential value of angiogenin, which can effectively treat Parkinson's disease, tumor, cardiovascular, frostbite, and benefit patients.
Official WeChat Account:
        We decided to create an official account for our team in order to numerously promote our topic, process, experiments, products, etc. We used social media such as Wechat, Weibo, etc. Our official account name is called Bloody Marry.
Picture 3: Official Account
We would post daily about our team and project. We would also publish the date of our Charity Bazaar and Seminar for more people to join and visit us.
Street Interview:
Our goal for this street interview is to understand how the public feels about our topic. Before we started the street interview, we planned questionnaires with questions we wanted to ask the people. These questions are separated into three types: acknowledgment about cardiovascular, willingness to try new cures, and ways to stay healthy.
We sent out eight teammates to Lujiazui, one of the most popular regions of Shanghai city, and separated them into two groups. One to the east and the other to the west. Initially, they decided to go to the community parks to start their interview. Then, however, the population density did not meet their expectations, and they decided to change to plan B, which is beside subway stations and popular shopping malls.
Picture 4: The process of interviewing (Jingjing and Sheila)
        We interviewed a total of twenty-three people: twelve teenagers, eight adults, three elders. The process was fun for both the interviewers and the interviewees, even though we got rejected a few times.
We concluded that the elders and adults have more comprehensive knowledge about cardiovascular than many teenagers. However, teenagers are more willing to accept new ways of cure and medicine than most elders and adults. But most of them all have a common flaw: not knowing how to prevent cardiovascular disease.
Since we are a new team with new products, it is hard for many people to notice us. So, we decided to propagate our team and products. We used methods such as posters, flyers, social media posts, and seminars.
We designed our posters, flyers, social media posts, and seminars. Even though none of us specialized in art, we still did a great job planning our propaganda.
Picture 5: Picture of the whole dry team!
Charity Bazaar:
        We decided to create a two-day charity bazaar in order to raise our research products' popularity and help the people learn more about cardiovascular disease. We decided to choose the location for our charity bazaar in downtown Shanghai. One of the most important reasons is that there is a high density population.
Picture 6: On the way to finding our location! (Alex, Justina)
        We called many shops in order to find places for us to set up our charity bazaar. We chose to call small cafes, restaurants, and animal cafes. We believe these locations are where people could stay and listen to us promote our research products and preach for cardiovascular disease.
Picture 7: Found our first location! (Alex and Justina)
        Using both Alex and Justina’s brilliant communication skills, we successfully found three places where the owner would let us set up a charity bazaar for free. Even though it was a difficult trip under the burning hot summer sun, we learned a lot of communication skills.
Picture 8: Charity Bazaar at Shanghai No.1
        After doing the charity bazaar, we found out that it is difficult to sell the products to the public because they may think our products are worthless if they buy them. They would question our products and not trust us. They believe that we are frauds and are trying to bulk them into buying our products. Some of the public would even say some hurtful words to us.
Picture 9: Charity Bazaar at Shanghai No.1
        However, we never gave up. We repeat our topic to the public again and again. We also walked around to promote our products. Finally, some people began to buy our products. It was really nice to hear people say how brave we are to do charity to the public at such a young age. Through this charity bazaar, we learned how to promote our things to others and how to communicate with the public.
        In order to let more people know about cardiovascular disease, we decided to plan a seminar in a company located in Pudong and Xuhui.
Picture 10: Both dry and wet team
        During this process, we ask a lot of institutions or companies where there are a lot of people. Most places ask us to rent which we can not afford. But finally our effect is not in vain. Two companies gave us permission to use their space without charge. After we went there to check if the places are good fit for our seminars, we all agreed because they provide equipment and areas where we could fit our audiences in and most of the people are pretty young who don't really know how to take care or prevent this illness.
Picture 11: Our 1st Seminar!
        The seminar was a really great for all of us. While we are educating our audience, we are also reviewing the facts at the same time. Even though one seminar was canceled because of the storm, we still had a online seminar available for us. We all love the fact that we can teach others who are novice to this disease.