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What past and present problems can be solved with this technology?
Neuropathy refers to the many conditions that involve damage to the nervous system. This vast communication network sends signals between the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) and all other parts of the body.
Peripheral nerves send much sensory information to the central nervous system (CNS), such as a message that the feet are cold. They also carry signals from the CNS to the rest of the body. The best known are the signals to the muscles that tell us to contract, which is how we move, but different signs help control everything from our heart and blood vessels, digestion, urination, sexual function to our bones and immune system. The peripheral nerves are like the cables that connect the different parts of a computer or connect the Internet. When they malfunction, complex functions can grind to a halt.
Presently in pharmacy, VEGF and VEGFR are generally considered as target drugs. Still, the curative effect of some patients with neurological diseases is not very ideal, and patients are easy to produce drug resistance.
However, we suppose that recombining Escherichia coli will provide us with chances to get active angiogenin protein. By replacing the incorrectly expressed protein in human bodies, cardiovascular disease will be cured theoretically. Therefore, proactively addressing the angiopoietin problem forward can avoid some of the side effects of effective targeted drugs currently on the market.
Why require new technology?
Angiopoietin is used to inhibit the death of the nerve. Compared with other competitors in the market, it is evident that it is more reliable by having a safer result and is easy to absorb.
One kind of the most classical medicine is a macromolecular monoclonal antibody. Bevacizumab is a typical Macromolecular monoclonal antibody. It stopped combining VEGF-A and its receptor by quickly combining with the VEGF-A before its receptor is found. However,using Bafacizumab can cause hard conditions such as Gastrointestinal perforation, fistula formation, bleeding, and thromboembolism. As a result, doctors need to find safer medicine for patients.
Safinamide has a dual mechanism of action. In addition to inhibiting MAO-B, it also has the additional function of inhibiting glutamate release. In theory, this may have neuroprotective effects. Therefore, compared with only providing symptomatic treatment, safinamide can better meet the needs of the market. MAO-B inhibitors have also been proposed to have neuroprotective effects, but clinical data cannot fully support this hypothesis. Therefore, safinamide is likely to become a drug favored by doctors. In any case, doctors have high hopes for this drug, believing that it can slow the progression of the disease. However, the most common adverse reactions are motor dysfunction, falls, nausea, and insomnia.
Therefore, Healers on Vessels is committed to getting active angiogenin protein. Then, directly inject the functional protein into the human body to replace the angiogenin with variant traits.
Business plan
Instruction: Products & Services
Product & services
Our company works on recombining E-coli and introducing target ANG, so new ANG protein synthesizes to replace the mutated ANG protein in patients. The therapeutic effect will be achieved through the continuous production of ANG, and the proper amount of ANG injected into patients. However, our company remains as a laboratory instead of a pharmacy company since we do not have the approach to promote our product and cannot apply for professional certification.
The problem the product or service solves
Summer frequent high-temperature warnings in China reminded us to pay more attention to the protection of blood vessels. As the summer temperature rises, it will make the blood vessels dilate so that the blood flow is enlarged 3-5 times than usual, which increases severe burdens on the heart. Diseases caused by vascular problems, such as Parkinson's disease or ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), still affect millions of people in today's world.
How you will price your product or service
Since the diseases listed above (Parkinson's disease, ALS) still include people throughout, the demands for medicine are high. Therefore, the prices for the treatment are high; furthermore, our research targeting endothelial cell proliferation and angiogenesis could be the best option to cure diseases like ALS, Parkinson's disease, cancer, etc. Our product will cost approximately ¥5000/100mg. However, the actual price depends on the pharmacy market and governmental institutions.
Product & Service Description Worksheet
Market research
Neurogenerative illnesses are caused by the progressive loss of shape or characteristics of neurons, together with the dying of neurons. Many Neurogenerative illnesses – including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, and Huntington's disease – are manifest as a result of neurodegenerative processes. Such diseases are incurable, resulting in revolutionary degeneration and the dying of neuron cells. Neurogenerative illnesses have an extreme impact on physical fitness and lifestyles quality. Up to now, no marvel drug has been found which can cure it.
In addition, we have designed a questionnaire and survey and distributed them in a couple of ways to recognize more about the workable market and user preferences. Through the questionnaire and stakeholders' feedbacks, nearly half of the public have cardiovascular disease, and many of them suffered from it for over three years. Still, few of them are cured of cardiovascular disease. In addition, the young are more willing to try on the new medicine. If the new drug is recommended by doctors or has health care, they probably consider trying it. Therefore, our company's product mainly focuses on young people.
Accepting degree of new medicines
Barriers to entry
The barriers to the production of angiogenin mainly include high fixed costs and startup capital. The purpose of our company is to popularize new drugs to a large area of the population, so a large number of startup funds and large factories are needed. But as a new startup company, it will face the problem of insufficient funds.
Another aspect is the lack of credibility in the pharmaceutical industry. Because the general public is very cautious about the choice of medicines and attaches importance to the reliability and safety of the medication used, the popularization, promotion, and application of new drugs made of angiogenin to the population of cancer patients with Parkinson's will be a big problem.
The production of such drugs requires purchasing biological research equipment, continuous innovation, and sophisticated factory production equipment. At the same time, recruiting high-quality workers to learn to operate precision equipment can also be a problem.
Threats and opportunities
Changes in government regulations:According to relevant policy trends, drug prices will continue to fall, low-priced drug catalogs or adjustments, drug prices nationwide, and many other factors.
Changes in the economy: In the case of huge investment in innovative drug research and development, controlling costs to deal with price competition has become a key factor that tests the survival and development of enterprises. In addition, companies rely on gradually improving product quality and relatively low-price advantages to accelerate the squeeze of the original research products in the high-end market.
Changes in technology: With innovative drugs in the market, medical representatives are more inclined to academic promotion. For pharmaceutical companies, cutting expenses and freeing up more resources to further reduce the marketing costs of generic drugs and increase R&D costs are the general direction.
Changes in the industry: Innovative drugs will become the market's focus, followed by an increase in R&D investment and the coming of opportunities for industry restructuring. The professional population including medical representatives will be streamlined, and layoffs or shifting to the development of other terminals will be inevitable. The past growth model of large products no longer adapts. The growth model of large-scale products will shift from benefit-oriented to clinical value and quality-oriented.
SWOT Analysis Worksheet
Target customer
One of our target customers is a pharmaceutical company with a high demand for neurogenic drugs or an efficient target medicine. Our company will provide active protein to pharmaceutical companies during the startup phase. Then, for further mass production, we could provide charged intellectual property rights.
Next, target customers are hospitals that demand medicine for Parkinson's, and those who demand anesthetics at a more affordable price. These two groups of target customers depend heavily on our first level of target customers. However, our company will still support the first level of target customers to select the most appropriate target customers to ensure that our products and services are used to benefit the most patients.
Key competitors
Until now, the professional and experienced companies in the pharmacy industry are mainly Hengfei and APExBIO. This is because they only have products related to anti-angiogenin drugs but have significant side effects.
Competitor Data Collection Plan
Marketing Strategy
Product Positioning
Because we are a startup lab without credibility, we cannot sell the product to the patients and inject the active protein into human bodies directly. Thus, our first-level target customers are professional pharmacy companies, and our second-level customers are patients. Therefore, we can sell out technology to pharmacy companies, thus, allowing their mass production. Then, our second-level target customers are patients with neurological diseases. Those pharmacy companies could recommend our products to patients and hospitals. Therefore, with strong credibility, the suggestions offered by experts are more likely to be accepted by patients.
Product Logo
We designed three aesthetic logos that match the logo of Healers on Vessels.
Pricing Strategy
We plan to set the price of the new drug at 5,000 yuan per milligram. This price is lower than those of other drugs on the market. At the same time, more and more young people have been suffering from neurological diseases in recent years. Therefore, our novel treatment method will be more popular among young people.
Sales Strategy
We will market our product using many different ways. For example, online surveys, email marketing, mobile marketing, and social media marketing are considered the cheapest among all types of marketing. Since we are a brand-new company and do not have many budgets available for us, we would consider the ways I listed above first. Once we have more budget allowed, we might try other methods of marketing our product. For example, printed marketing materials, such as brochures, flyers, business cards, etc. We can also try trade shows and other marketing that cost some money.
Sales channels strategy
The products mainly depend on offline sales. Through the mass production in pharmacy companies, we can sell our product to the top three hospitals or pharmacies with Medicare in a large quantity. The public commonly buys medicine from these two types of places. Usually, after seeing the doctor, people would directly purchase drugs in the hospitals, following professional suggestions from doctors. Otherwise, they commonly choose to buy medicines with medical insurance at a pharmacy they are familiar with. Therefore, if we put our product there, more people have the excess to know about our products and decide whether to try it.
Nearly half of Parkinson's patients are in China, so our products will be promoted in China first.
Analysis of cost
· Equipment cost
· Pipette
· pH regulator
· electronic balances
· Flasks
· Microwave oven
· Measuring cylinder
· Pipette tips* several hundreds of
· Tubes of different size * hundreds of
· Centrifugal Machine
· Labor cost
· Transportation fee
· Cost of labor