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Szeged is a city with the third biggest population in Hungary, it lays at the confluence of the Tisza and the Maros rivers. The city was first mentioned in 1183. It has lots of significant buildings, first of all the University of Szeged. The buildings of different departments are spread over the whole town, and additionally to the outstanding education their appearance is remarkable. Szeged has been on the top of the Hungarian education for centuries. Teaching natural science and medicine is one of the biggest strengths of the University. Its departments participate in prominent research in Szeged conducted at the Biological Research Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and the ELI-ALPS Laser Research Institute.

Radnóti Miklós Experimental High School

Radnóti Miklós Experimental High School was built in 1898 and it belongs to the best schools of Hungary. The first years our school successfully fought the difficulties of Dualism and World War I. The name of the high school was originally Hungarian Royal Gymnasium of Szeged. Even in the very first years it belonged to the most prestigious high schools of the country. From 1924 the education started to turn its way to teaching natural science, although between 1934 and1971 it had been forced back to state generalized curriculum. In 1971 the whole educational system reformed and our high school had undergone several name and specialization changes. Additionally to the other majors Physics, Chemistry and Biology were established.

Our school has an excellent, modern and well equipped laboratory called TERMOSZ. Lots of students from our region are coming here to learn. It gives the student community space for learning, research and first of all to perform experiments. The modern experimental tools provide us the opportunity to conduct studies for this project and the results of the experiment will also be processed here.

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