Team:SZTA RMG Szeged

Team SZTA RMG Szeged has won a Gold Medal this year!

It is the first Gold Medal for a Hungarian high school team from Szeged.
We are very grateful to everyone who supported us througout the iGEM 2021 Competition.

The abstract of the project

Our team aims to create an entirely new way of RNA detection. This method can serve as an alternative for the expensive rtPCR method in miRNA- or other small RNA-detection in research or medicine.


The Software is a really important part of our project. For anyone who needs it, it is an usable, fast and easy understanding assistance.


The results clearly shows that the designed experiments are appropriate as a qualitative detection of a short RNA molecule’s presence at the examined concentration when using UV light as an excitation source.

Human Practices

We received some useful advice from a General Practitioner, an Emergency Unit Expert, a Molecular biologist, a Pathologist who is a Molecular biologist too.

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