Team:Phystech Moscow/Communication



As part of our project, we interacted with many iGEM teams. Our team leader Iunona Pospelova went to perform at the August school in synthetic biology, which was organized by the iGEM Siberia team. Despite the fact that the city of Novosibirsk is located more than 3000 km from Moscow, where our team is based, we have coped with this task. Iunona gave an hour and a half lecture on the journey from idea to startup in biology, and she also talked about the importance of participating in events like iGEM. During this event, we also met other teams from Russia, who also came to the August school of synthetic biology.
We also had a large number of collaborations that you can read on IGEM resources.
With other teams from Russia, we organized our own Russian meet-up for teams from Russia and the CIS countries.