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Tool for
interaction prediction

About Our Team

We are a team of students from two Russian universities — Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) and Skoltech! Our team consists of 10 students and most of us are postgraduates. It is the first time we participate in the iGEM competition .

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About Our Project

We are creating a free open source web-based tool that can be easily used by scientists from all over the world. We propose a new neural network-based algorithm that combines various parameters as input.

Our tool is proposed to be used for narrowing the list of possible miRNA interacting with particular lncRNAs for further confirmation of interactions in wet lab experiments. We hope that our project will grow into a valuable tool for researchers helping to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

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How to Use?

Сhoose miRNA & lncRNA

You are choosing molecules that you are interested in for estimating their interaction.

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Later we will make our service settings flexible enough for real scientific tasks.

Model works

We designed a deep learning model that was trained on huge datasets and shows high scores.

Get results

Finally, we are sending you the interaction score and all related information.

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Unona Pospelova