Team:Phystech Moscow/Attributions



IGEM is the competition that brings together young scientists from all over the world. Our team has come a long way during this difficult year of 2021, which is why we want to thank the organizers of the competition and all the participants for this wonderful time. We would also like to thank everyone else who has helped us realize this project.


  • Iunona Pospelova - Team leader, communication with iGEM HQ, Human Practices, Collaborations;
  • Maria Dyakova - dataset collection and exploratory analysis; model architecture discussion, composition, implementation and model training;
  • Ksenia Petrova - KCL collaboration; dataset exploratory analysis, backend, model architecture discussion, composition, implementation;
  • Andrey Ivashkin - KCL collaboration;
  • Andrey Shevtsov - dataset collection; model architecture discussion, composition, implementation;
  • Polina Pugacheva - Design, SMM;
  • Varvara Varlamova - Wet lab;
  • Dmitrii Pustoshilov - Design, Front End, Wiki;
  • Alibek Suraganov - Analytics;
  • Ivan Taraskin - Analytics;


Georgii Nosov and Denis Kuzmin
Thank you for your full support and enthusiasm in our project. We can’t possibly list every way that you’ve helped us, but just know that we appreciate it all. We hope that we have made you proud.


Thank all of our sponsors for the support: Quantori, MIPT, NapoleonIT and others.