Team:NYC B1O/Attributions

Our B1O Family:

We would like to take this time to thank all the amazing people and organizations who helped make this project possible.

Eli Epstein Deutsch and Frank Muradov
A special thank you to our project supervisors Eli and Frank who helped us on coordinating meetings, and general mentorship throughout the project.

Matteo Da Ros
We also appreciate our biology mentor Matteo Da Ros, who helped us through the initial project development process in the field of synthetic biology. As an expert, he helped us find direction during our brainstorming sections, collecting and analyzing literature, and finally constructing a project plan. We are extremely grateful to have him on our team as his guidance and knowledge on Parkinson’s as well as synthetic biology is priceless.

Sunyoung Oh
We appreciate Sunyoung's administrative and logistical help for a successful operation of our iGEM team.

Chris Avrich
Our project wouldn’t have been complete without the help of Chris Avrich, who helped us create our wiki and assisted with our understanding of the system. His technical knowledge in coding ensured the visibility of the team's efforts.

Jamie Lee
Lastly, thank you Jamie, our art advisor, who helped and advised our team with the art and design of our logo.

Many thanks to Sangeon Park and Ryan Oh for leading the human practices section of our team. Their work was essential in creating opportunities for us to involve ourselves in and help Parkinson’s Disease patients directly.

Ryan Oh and Raeyoung Kim were leaders of the collaboration section; their work was key in coordinating the efforts of our team alongside the several teams we collaborated with across time zones and countries.

We are grateful for the work of Justin Kim and Yeju Moon, leaders of the computational team who ensured that this wiki page runs smoothly.

Our project wouldn’t be complete without the efforts of Jennifer Park, who led the design section in creating the layout and look of our wiki and the numerous iterations of our team logo.

We appreciate the contributions of Gerard Lin, head of the wet lab section, in leading the experiments central to our project and giving his expertise as an editor in finalizing all text.

Thanks to the modeling team (Tom Jeong, Luca Jones, and Jahovir Abdurazzakov) for their work on the protein structure prediction and dry lab, with the generous help of our bioinformatics mentor Laiba Fatima.

Thanks to Jiae Kim for the development of biotechnology educational content.

Thanks to Sangeon Park and Ryan Oh for their patient interviews

Thanks to Ariel Grinshpoon for managing the Wetlab Notebook and creating the Wetlab results report for the team wiki.

Thanks to Francisco Aum, Yeju Moon and Justin Li for their contributions to the wetlab team and experiments

Thanks to Ariel Grinshpoon and Jynn Lee for the Bioethics Presentation

Thanks to Angela Kim for our Instagram campaign

Thanks to Justin Li writing the promo video script

Thanks to Raeyoung Kim for the survey results and analysis

Thanks to Yeju Moon for contributing to the design of the wiki

We appreciate Yunseo “Kimmy” Jeon for contributing to engineering roadmap and strategy decisions

Sangeon Park receives our recognition for his project management throughout the competition

Outreach/Collaboration leader Ryan Oh has our gratitude for coming up with the name B1O

Our thanks to the whole B1O team for their brainstorming efforts on all aspects of the promotion video, and many Oscar-worthy performances.

Thanks to Francisco Aum, Ryan Oh, and Raeyoung Kim for organizing our iGEM presentations at Stuyvesant High School and St. Mary’s Prep in Manhasset and educating their local school communities about iGEM and our research project.

Larry Leung, Biolabs@NYULangone
Additionally, we thank Larry Leung, our wet lab director, who guided us through the complex lab experiments and provided us with technical lab skills to conduct our experiment. He also helped us reach out and create the synthetic materials necessary to complete our project. Thank you Larry! We would also like to thank the staff at Biolabs@NYULangone for allowing us to use their lab space.

Dr. Rebecca Gilbert
We value the feedback and guidance provided by Dr. Rebecca Gilbert from the American Parkinson’s Disease Association. Her perspective was extremely helpful to our project as she has been in the field of Parkinson’s treatment and research for over 10+ years.

Other individuals and organizations
We are grateful to these individuals and organizations below who kindly donated supplies to our iGEM team:

Yosip Kemelman - Hepione Therapeutics
Emily Schnall - Beagle Bioscience
Eliza Llewellyn - Beagle Bioscience
Jin Xin - helaina
Jeremy Piacente - LabFarm Foods
Sagarika Pachhal - Briacell
Ben TenOever - Archean Biologics
Anna de Oliveira - Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Catherine Vilcheze - Albert Einstein College of Medicine
William Jacobs - Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Cassandra Kontur - Waypoint Bio
David Phizicky - Waypoint Bio


Our iGEM Family:

Korea HS (South Korea):
Our team is thankful for team Korea-HS’s help, especially since they were the team that had met us the most and gave advice in every single meeting! Through an organized collaboration document, the Korea team brought up specific ways we could collaborate with them and other teams, and we were able to clarify how we would create our contributions section. Thank you guys so much!

Friendzymes (Multiple Countries):

Friendzymes was the only non-highschool team that we collaborated with. As we expected, their project was phenomenal. We would like to thank them for inviting us to their Discord channel and making more connections possible and get to know each other. Through the Discord, we were able to receive information about igem and the friendzymes shared more information from other teams that would help us.

Brawijaya (Indonesia):

Team Brawijaya was the first team that our team collaborated with. The first meeting, we did not get to assemble our teammates, this team was understanding and they started off by sharing their project. Thanks to them, the next meeting was fully prepared, and the project ideas were successfully exchanged! Thanks team Brawijaya for your patience and effort!

Moscow City (Russia):

The Moscow City team, the last team we reached out to, was absolutely amazing. They came into the meeting even though their time zone was far different from us. They matched their schedule with us, and their team did their best even though it was not the best time they had. Despite these facts, they pushed through hard for us and we reached collaboration with them. Thank you guys!