we have 12 team members from School of Life Science,1 from School of Artificial Intelligense. There are 7 boys and 6 girls at the same time. With the project going, more intelligent students will be invited to join us.

Shanchi Ma
I have my own soul, my own spark of divine fire.
Yi Qiu
Hello,everyone!This is Qiu Yi from Nanjing University. I'm a junior majoring in life science. I am responsible for the cell experiment of our team in this competition.
Dingpei Zhou
It is hoped that our study will open the way for future RNA therapies.
Tianyi Ni
I am Ni Tianyi, a 2019 undergraduate in the school of life sciences of Nanjing University.
Yuting Li
In me the tiger sniffs the rose.
Yu Yan
It seems like the pressure that could have crushed made us into diamonds.
Xinwen Yan
I love all the good things in life,especially delicious food and sleeping.
Hao Sun
Junior student in the School of Life Sciences, a member of wet lab. Like to deal with cute people. Trying to work in the laboratory while drinking ice tea. Like chatting and sleeping.
Qingyang Li
I am fond of running, and enjoy the persistence in running, the scenery in running and the relief of reaching goals.
Jingwen Lyu
A grade 19 student majoring in Life Science. A happy paddler if I can.
Chenyu Tao
How I wish to be Miss Jiaran's puppy.
Martin Woo
I am MartinWoo. I like being neat.
Jinhan Ni
Rust is the best programming language!


Xiao Hu
Be a good ordinary person.
Hongyuan Guo
Being a grownup isn't as scary as it seems.
Yuanyuan Su
In me the tiger sniffs the rose.
Zhen Fu
Stay hungry, stay foolish.
Nannan Jiang
If we want to take care of our projects, we must first take care of the people working on our projects.
Xiaohan Song
One of the players who hopes to break into the "pit" of biology. Now I am mainly responsible for the conduct of molecular biology experiments and part of the work of human practise.
Wujing Hui
Just let us know.
Xi Chen
Whatever you do, do it well.