Cloning design - 4C_FUELS

Meet Our Team!

Team Members

Jorge Fernández Méndez

Project Coordinator

Graduated in Chemical Engineering 👷🏻⚙️ and master student in biotechnology at Complutense University. My goal is to make the ideas behind 4C Fuels a reality. I am passionate about nature🍃, good music 🎶 and green things, from avocados to cyanobacteria. If I get lost, you'll find me far away, lost in the woods... maybe climbing a tree 🌳☀️.

Santiago Barragán Ariza

Synthetic Biology

I am a Biology student at UCM👋. My work at 4C_Fuels consists in the implementation of new metabolic pathways for the production of a biofuel in our cyanobacteria . I am a curious person who likes very much to learn things not only about science but also history 📜. In my free time , I also like to go for nature walks🌳, travel with friends✈️ and listen to good music🎧.

Lucia Tapia Peña

Social Media Coordinator and Synthetic Biology

I am currently studying a degree in Biology at Complutense University. Within the team I coordinate the social networks🌐 besides working on new strategies to make our appreciated cyanobacteria more resistant. I love reading 📚 and doing any kind of sport⚽️ 🎾🏓. My philosophy is that every day is a new opportunity to learn something new and enjoy outdoor activities! 🏔🌄🚵

Claudia Eiroa Jerez

Animation and Graphic design

Graduated in illustration and animation . I work on everything related to image, animation🎨 and design for the 4C_Fuels project🖌️. I love dogs and powerful hand dryers😎.

Celia Martín Morales

Biohybrid materials

I am a student in the Chemistry degree 👩🔬 at UAM.Within 4C Fuels, I am involved in the materials science part, my goal is to create new catalysts based on the encapsulation of cyanobacteria. The time I am not working in science I like to do different activities, such as painting👩🎨. Although sometimes a test tube appears between the brush and the paper🎨🧪🖌️...

Antonio Agudo Esperanza

Computing & Programming

I'm a Software Engineering student at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos👨💻🖥️. My mission within 4C_Fuels is to cover all the programming needs that the project has I love martial arts, watching movies 🍿 , playing complicated video games 👾 and programming the crazy ideas that come to my mind.

Senior Members

Álvaro Gómez Luengo

Instructor and co-coordinator

Graduated in Biology 🌱🔬 and in the Master in Biotechnology at UAM. In our project, my job is to help and advise the team, especially with everything related to synthetic biology. I love playing music 🎶, animation🎬 nature walks 🌿and teaching my friends every plant name we find on our way😅🙈.

Mercedes Echaide

Principal Investigator

I am the PI of MADRID_UCM team. I help finding resources to ease the work of the team and strengthen the iGEM community within the Complutense University of Madrid.

Team Collaborators

Alba Garay Álvarez

Synthetic Biology

I am in my last undergraduate year as a student of biology at UCM👩🔬. Last year I was a member of an IGem tech project. I really enjoyed the whole process and I wanted to repeat😍. In the project I work in the synthetic biology section. I love working in the lab 🔬and also in nature. Other than that, I liked to hang out with my friends, do some sports and make spontaneous plans🏄🏽♀️🚣🏽.

Blanca Zaragoza Rodriguez-Patón

Bioprocess Engineering

I am finishing my degree in Chemical Engineering at UCM 👩🏽‍🔬⚗️.Since I was a child I have been passionate about the world of synthetic biology and that is why I intend to continue my studies doing a Master in Biotechnology or Computational Biology In 4C_Fuels I am responsible for the area of bioprocesses and human practices. My goal is to give a global vision to the project, bringing my knowledge in process simulation and biofuels. I am looking to learn about everything and enjoy this adventure with my colleagues! In addition, I fight for inclusiveness and gender equality ♀️ in the field of study and work I try to lead a healthy life and in my free time I like to listen to good music🎧 , travel as much as I can, take a lot of pictures on the road and meet up with my friends 🍻🥳.