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Hardware - 4C_FUELS

In this page you will find the laboratory notebooks, protocols and other information about how 4C_Fuel project has been shaped from its initial idea to their final concept.


Notebooks & Protocols

You can access to the laboratory notebooks of the project below:

During our laboratory work we have performed many different protocols. For most of us was our first time performing standard laboratory protocols from beginning to the end and because of that we have tested many different variations of eac procedure till optimizing its results.

Most of performed protocols corresponds with already developed protocols by either other laboratory groups or iGEM teams. In the following links you could find those protocols which we consider that stands out of the conventional laboratory routine protocols.

We would like you to note that not all the utilized protocols have been extensively documented either in the lab notebooks or trhough, however we have adapted and performed other procedures, optimizing them for our specific needs. IN this regard, we have adapted different protocols variants for Polymerase Cycling Assembly (PCA), Adapted 2-step Gibson Assembly for complex and GC rich fragments assembly, Touch-Down PCR protocols for amplification of PCC11801 genomic sequences and an alternative golden gate protocol. If you are reading trhough our wiki and feel interested about any of this or others experimental procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us via: