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The chytridiomycosis pandemic caused by the fungi Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) and Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans (Bsal) has caused global amphibian extinction. Since these fungi contain chitin in their cell walls, we will use chitooligosaccharides as biomarkers of pathogen prevalence. To detect this biomarker, we will develop a microbial biosensor by coupling the Vibrio cholerae one component chitin-sensing system with a GFP reporter in Escherichia coli. This biosensor will support field ecologists with preliminary site testing to inform decision-making strategies.

Awarded Silver Medal 2021 Jamboree

Lubbock TTU iGEM Raiders would like to express a deep thanks to the research advisors, mentors, and outside supporters of our research experience that we connected with. Without everyone's guidance, our work would not have been able to develop into the state we have recorded in this wiki to share.

With their continued support after this year's competition, the iGEM Raiders team and organization can expand to do great things and produce meaningful research that represents Texas Tech.

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