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BLADEN notebook

Lab notebook


As a foundational project, we spent a considerable amount of time thinking about how to best build our platform as well as how to design the different parts to be introduced in a new system. Adapting a molecular system from one organism to another can be challenging especially within the timeframe of iGEM. Therefore, we opted for a phased approach as described in our project description. The fact that we had to build all of our own parts from scratch required many in silico engineering design cycles to get to our final in silico constructs. Throughout our project, we have made sure to document all of our design decisions, which can be found under the Experiments page of our wiki. More detailed documentation on our engineering success can be found below.

E coli experiments

Cell free experiments

Plant plasmid assembly

BY-2 experiments

Molecular ruler experiment

Riboswitch improvement experiment

Cambial meristematic cells