Duke iGEM is committed to the open and collaborative environment of iGEM, and has worked this year to actively encourage the growth and development of meaningful relationships with other iGEM teams across the world.

Duke x DKU Mini Jamboree

Duke iGEM collaborated with the Duke Kunshan iGEM to host the Duke x DKU Mini Jamboree, which was an opportunity for teams to meet, present their projects, and learn more about synthetic biology.

 Aiming to facilitate cooperation, we invited 5 iGEM teams from around the world to participate in this virtual meetup: Wright State (USA), Ulink College of SIP (China), Northeast Yucai Foreign Language School (China), Liverpool (China), and IISER Berhampur (India). To provide expert insight into synthetic biology research, we invited Dr. Xiling Shen from Duke and Dr. Linfeng Huang from DKU to present their work.

We designed this event to foster both research and community. To start off the conference, we prompted the teams to each share words that came to mind when thinking about synthetic biology and compiled these into a word cloud. During the jamboree, we organized a networking session where iGEMers discussed their interests in synthetic biology and planned a synthetic-biology themed pictionary game using! All teams worked together to collaboratively create SYN BIO, an educational outreach booklet featuring key synthetic biology terms.

Figure 1. Duke x DKU mini iGEM Jamboree


Additional Collaborations:

Warwick iGEM Collective

We contributed two pages to the Warwick iGEM Collective, which was a collaborative project to create an educational booklet on synthetic biology.

Figure 2. Warwick iGEM Collective

Wisconsin Lutheran College iGEM

We proofread a manual describing a hands-on technique to learn about genetic regulation through the use of a color change for the Wisconsin Lutheran College iGEM team.

Aix-Marseille iGEM

We participated in Aix-Marseille iGEM’s Project Emoji Contest on Instagram.

Figure 3. Aix-Marseille iGEM

iGEM Brawijaya’s planner book

We contributed information to iGEM Brawijaya’s planner book, a document meant to help future iGEM teams with project planning.


We participated in MIPT iGEM’s survey on cancer attitudes across different social groups.


We participated in the iGEM NITW’s “Survey on Food and Nutrition”