Wet Lab

Parts Cloning

Leads: Andy Q., Jessica S., Ashley J.

Supporting: Happy Y., Isabella W., Shaun W., Casey S., Nico R., Konrad S., Emily C., Tim H.

Glioma and HEK Cell Culturing and Transfection

Ashley J., Andy Q., Happy Y., Jessica S., Isabella W., Shaun W.

Stem Cell and Organoid Development

Lead: Happy Y.

Supporting: Sabina Y.

Tumor-Organoid Co-culture and Drug Assay

Happy Y.


Modeling: Jihyeon J., Tim H., Rahul P., Kate S., Juseong K.

Software: Jihyeon J., Rahul P., Tim H.

Human Practices

Educational Outreach

SYNBIO: Ashley J., Jessica S., Andy Q.

ABTA Conference: Tim H., Ashley J., Andy Q.

Triangle Math and Science Academy: Andy Q., Jihyeon J., Ashley J., Casey S.

Angels Among Us: Konrad S., Jihyeon J.

Durham Museum of Life and Sciences Planning: Jihyeon J., Tim H.

Social Media: Ashley J., Jessica S.

Integrated Human Practice and Interviews

Interviewers: Jessica S., Ashley J., Andy Q., Shaun W., Isabella W., Happy Y.

Interviewees: Musella Foundation, Dr. Friedman, Dr. Katsanis, Dr. Fecci, Kathy Riley, Dr. David Ashley J., Jim Albright, Dr. Margaret Johnson, Dr. Katherine Peters, ABTA, Brain Tumor Project, Dr. Joel Bader

Advisor: Galen D., Cameron K.


Happy Y., Andy Q.


Website: Juseong K., Rahul P.

Writing: Tim H., Jihyeon J., Jessica S., Ashley J., Andy Q., Shaun W., Isabella W., Happy Y., Casey S., Konrad S.

Animations and diagrams: Isabella W., Nico R., Ashley J., Jihyeon J.


Editing and Producing: Juseong K.

Participation: All

Lab Staff and Advisors

Maggie Mbugua, Matt Brown, Dr. Liz Feeney, Dr. Christine Mulvey, Dr. Cameron Kim, Dr. Zhaohui Wang, Galen Dodds, Hannah Devens, Ruopu Jiao

Technical Support

Dr. Cameron Kim, Dr. Zhaohui Wang, Maggie Mbugua

General Support

Dr. Xiling Shen, Dr. Jason Somarelli, David Ramirez, Caroline Anderson, Andres Bermudez, Sarah Lizeski

Collaboration and Partnership

Duke Kunshan University iGEM

Funding support

Lord-Alstadt Foundation of North Carolina

Bass Connections at Duke University

Pratt School of Engineering

Duke Biomedical Engineering Department

iGEM Impact Grant