Team Aboa 2021

I’m sure you have realized by now that me and Cyano-Sanna aren’t the only ones that have been working on this project.
So, we were thinking that maybe it’s time to introduce our unbelievably talented…


Malin Eriksson
Biochemistry, BSc​
Student Team leader, Head of Wet Lab
Juuli Hietarinne
Biomedicine, MSc​
Head of Visual Design and Wiki
Laura Hamdi
Chemistry, MSc​
Head of Human Practices
Julia Pyysalo
Biotechnology, BSc (Tech.)​
Head of Social Media and Company Collaborations
Jenni Vuorio
Chemistry, BSc​
Head of Finance​
Milja Lempinen
Digital Health, MSc (Tech.)​
Head of IT
Tiia Ylikangas
Chemistry, MSc
Active team member
Waltteri Hatulainen
Biochemistry, MSc​
Head of Photography and Videography