Team:Aboa/Plain Language

Team Aboa 2021

Aboa in Plain Language

The team

  • We are 8 people.
  • We study biochemistry, biomedicine, biotechnology, chemistry and health technology.
  • We study at the University of Turku.
  • We live in Turku.
  • We are from Finland.
A picture of eight Aboa members.
Figure 1. Our team members.

The Project

The problem

  1. People use medicine.
  2. Diclofenac is one type of medicine.
  3. Diclofenac goes in the Baltic Sea.
  4. We can’t remove it.
  5. Fish and people suffer from it.

The solution

  1. We use bacteria.
  2. Bacteria produce biochemical matter.
  3. Biochemical matter breaks diclofenac.
  4. Diclofenac doesn’t go in the Baltic Sea.
  5. Bacteria don't go in the Baltic Sea.

Extra information

  1. We put bacteria in a tank.
  2. We put the tank in a wastewater treatment plant.
  3. A wastewater treatment plant is a place where water becomes clean.
Different kinds of medicines and an arrow from them to the sea in which there are fish and mussels.
Figure 2. Medicines go in the sea and cause harm to fish and mussels.

Human Practices

  • Human Practices is working with people.
  • We need people to help us with our project.
  • We also tell other people about our project.
  • Human Practices can be different things.
  • We did many things.

We did for example:

  • Talking with experts
  • Lessons in high schools
  • An animation for children
  • A memory game for children
  • An info poster
  • Social media posts
  • An interview video
A picture about memory game cards of which two have been turned. They have pictures of a lab coat and a microscope.
Figure 3. A memory game for children.