Team:AISSU Union/Collaboration



During the a long period of time of striving on doing our projects, we also built up new friendship with different groups of people. Fortunately, AISSU-Union experienced a good time with all teams that used to help us, and in reture we also shared some of our knowledes, equipements, and the most important, the experience too. We deeply felt happy and moved by their enthusiasm and what we learnt from them are precious.

Online meeting with other LINKS-China, KEYSTONE, and Whittle.

We proceed communication with several teams. When we prepared for production of the promotion video, we attended an online meeting hold by Team_Whittle. The collaborating teams include Team_ Links_China and Team_KEYSTONE, attended the meeting as well.

On this meeting, we discussed the plots of each teams' PV and provided some suggestions for photography techniques, which were extremely beneficial to our promotion production. (Fig.5a&Fig.5b)

(Fig.5a&Fig.5b the discussion between members from different team discussing the details of the promotion video)

In a nutshell, we done a great job in all-round cooperation with Links-China in technical, social interactions and wiki designing aspects. Especially for us, after this meeting, we realized that the initial version of our promotion video still leaves some room for improvement, but the promotion video of Whittle inspired us in film making techniques, after a short discussion perspectively with their representative, we decided to make the second version of our promotion video.

Teammate's active assistance.

At the same time, one of our team members, Dell always discussed about more molecular cloning experiments, as the teammates of Keystone, just arrived at Shenzhen, China. As our representative, Dell actively got to communicate with them and continued kept contact with them, guiding and trying to help them so got familiar with all equipments in the lab.

Continuous and deeper cooperation with LINKS-China.

During this long period, we worked together in the same laboratory, and we successfully built up strong partnership with team LINKS-China. Cooperation with LINKS-China includes, but not only limits in sharing of the same Yeast Toolkit, and designing the team’s uniforms, but also constructing plasmid vectors, and their generous wiki support. Explore more details of the collaboration with LINKS-China in the Partnership.(Link to partnership)