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Our team first came up with the idea of “Memory Bread” when we are struggling in the upcoming test. We thought that it will be so amazing and useful if there is something to eat or drink before test to improve our memory, and which we’ll be doing great in the exams! After lots of research, we found out that catechin has the function of improving cognitive performance, increasing problem solving speed, and even help with Alzheimers. Catechin can be derived from tea-plants, however, there are some impurities such as caffeine, which is the reason why we decided to turn Tyrosine to Naringenin and then to Catechin through 9 steps. Lastly, bread would be a relatively more acceptable vector since most people like it, and thus we put catechin into yeast through transformation.

We are diligent students from different high school, hoping to experience more biology fun.
Our project, memory bread, constructed catechin production pathway through metallic and de novo biosynthesis from L-Tyrosine.
Integrated human practice
We have conduced a variety of human practices with the public’s comprehend of synthesis of biology and whether they accept genetically modified products or not.
Here we collect and improve parts, hoping to advance the development of synthetic biology.
The lab log is a detailed record of the experiments we do every day and how we do them.
All members have been properly trained and examined on these regulations. We strictly observe safety rules.

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