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Gratitude towards all partners who once cooperated with AISSU IGEM team.

Main investigator

Instructor Mr. Boxiang Wang

Our instructor opened up our new world of experiments and greatly influenced our interest in synthetic biology. He was very patient and took us to gain experience From classes at the early stage, experience the different instruments in the laboratory, and also popularized a lot of knowledge. He designed our entire experiment and gave a lot of help to correct the mistakes we encountered in the experiment. He is the pioneer of our experiment, he has spent a lot of thoughts and energy on our project, so our results are inseparable from his guidance.


Ms. Qing Liang

Leader teacher Mr. Tianxiang Wang


Advisor Miss. Sha Zhou

Advisor Mr. Stephen Ye

Advisor Miss. Shangyi Zhu

Advisor Miss. Jun Yu

Fundraising and Finances
Support from lab

Mr. Deng

The teacher provided us with the help of laboratory equipment. He would help us purchase laboratory supplies and help us contact other trivial administrative affairs. Lena Lin negotiated the purchasing of the measuring up of uniforms. Una Deng communicated the prices with the painter for helping us to draw the pictures for wiki.

Ms. Liang

Help us communicate with the school and let us conduct experiments smoothly.

Instructor Mr. Boxiang Wang

Led us to experiment and he designed the experiment.

Leader teacher Mr. Tianxiang Wang

The teacher took over and led us to complete all subsequent projects.

Extra helpers: contributed
their effort for
human practice and wiki.Human practice


When we were giving a lecture, our teacher helped us gather students to support us project. Mrs. Juliet Zhu, the introducer of our school’s project, helped us apply to the school so, we can do the experiment smoothly. The progress of the project has not been delayed. The English teacher Ms. Sarah Liu at the school helped us write a lot of thoughts about this project. Our biology teacher George told us about some of his experiences when he was doing experiments by himself, and when we held a presentation, he helped us propagate. Our statistics teacher Gloria gave us many suggestions on the layout of the questionnaire. Thank them very much for their help.

Cameraman: Mr. Weili Xiong

When we made the video, he helped us complete the video operation and the timing of the video content, and greatly improved our grasp of the post-editing.

Chengdu TianFu Life Science Park

The experts here gave us a lot of professional advice on our project and broadened our understanding of this aspect of science.

Sichuan Xieli Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd

During the strict control of the epidemic, to let us go to the pharmaceutical factory first and consult the experts in a timely manner. The improvement of cognition in medicine has accelerated the progress of our project.

Dean Tiehua Zhang, College of Food Science and Engineering, Jilin University

He gave us different opinions on food safety issues, and these suggestions can directly contribute to the improvement of our memory bread project in the future.

Shenzhen FORGAIN Food Co. Ltd

They provided our team with very specific influencing factors in the yeast fermentation project, told us about their experience, and shared their data with us.

K. Toast

In the bakery, we saw the process of yeast acting on the bread and process completely production of the bread. The impact of this material on people’s lives.

Shenzhen Customs District, in the Qianhai Office

Government officials told us about the regulations on import and export of medicines and food, as well as the country's subsequent control of this aspect and the country's future management policy for genetically modified food.


The Social Welfare Center has made us aware of the elderly's attitudes towards genetically modified foods and health products, and whether nursing homes will introduce this aspect.


Painter:Beth Wang, Yolanda Yu

They drew some exquisite illustrations for use on our website, helping us to better demonstrate the purpose of our project.

We sincerely thank these people and
organizations for their great help to our project.