It was important for us to do or participate in many collaborative projects with other iGEM teams in order to meet and build relationships between teams sharing the same passion.

This year, we initiated three collaborations but we also participated in some initiated by other teams.

We would like to thank all the teams with whom we collaborated this year.

You will find below all the collaborations we had the pleasure to get involved in or create.


During one whole week, we hosted an art exhibition in Nantes open to the public.
We had the pleasure to exhibit the artworks of Team Sorbonne, Team Unesp Brazil, Team iBowu, Team Jiangnan, Team Athens, Team Marseille, Team Estonia.
We also had the privilege to exhibit the work of two amazing artists, sigma2000 and Russel Marx. We thank them all for their participation!
The teams were asked to create works related to algae or synthetic biology. Here is their work:

You can find more explanations on the education and engagement page.

French meetup :

We contacted the 8 French teams participating in iGEM this year so we could create the first-ever French iGEM meetup.
We are used to seeing French meetups being held in Paris but this year we wanted to show that France is not only defined by its capital.
At the beginning, we wanted to do the meetup in person but unfortunately the sanitary situation did not allow it.
So we decided to organize this event, via zoom, alongside all the other teams, combining workshop and games, allowing conviviality and sharing between iGEM teams despite the pandemic.
We highly hope that next year, the second edition of the French meetup will be held in person and will be open to a larger audience.

Teams presentation video :

This idea for this collaboration came to us while participating in the Passeport Recherche (an event detailed on the education page), we wanted to show the international dimension of the competition to high school students of our city.
36 teams sent us videos ! And here are the results:

iJet :

The Aachen and Darmstadt teams initiated a challenge : the iJET project, a video project where each team had to film themselves with a paper airplane to finally have the illusion that we are all connected.
The iJET plane flew all around the world. You could find our video below

postcard (Duesseldorf)

As every year, the Duesseldorf team kept the tradition by initiating the postcard challenge, a concept promoting the international scope of the competition but also and above all synthetic biology and the multidisciplinarity of the projects.
It is with pleasure that we participated this year, even though we did not receive last year's entries.
Indeed, it is a project that brings together numerous teams from all around the world and also encourages creativity, sharing and demonstrates the interdisciplinary nature of iGEM teams.
The concept: each team creates a postcard based on synthetic biology with a text explaining their project in several copies, and sends it to Dusseldorf. They then dispatch them and send each participating team a postcard from each other team. This year, 90 teams participated.
Here is the postcard we made this year! We had the pleasure to receive all the postcards from the teams participating in this challenge but unfortunately, ours was not in the package (delivery issues).
There is definitely a mystery to solve regarding the curse that our team is undergoing in this challenge.

Labcoat (sorbonne) :

The idea is to do something like the sisterhood of the travelling pants but with a lab coat.
Every team passed on the same lab coat and customized it before sending it to the next team.
Its travels have been documented on Instagram.
We received the lab coat from the Sorbonne team. We then embroidered our mascot and flocked our logo just before sending it to the team in London.
This year, 14 teams from all around the world participated and we were glad to be a part of this collaboration.

igem got talent (stonybrook) :

This is an asynchronous event, initiated by Stony Brook iGEM Team where teams can showcase their talents in the category of music, dance, art, photography, tik-tok, comedy, cooking or creative writing with all projects relating to synthetic biology in some way.
At the end, they will showcase the winning teams on their social media.
For our participation, we submitted a work of art made by Valerian Thobie, one of our members, : called Frenectics Machicoulis.
During the creation of the masterpiece, , different graphic styles and volumes were confronted, while creating a harmony between the boards.
The organic shapes of the drawings reminds those of seaweeds and the sea, echoing our iGEM project.
The blend of techniques used , can also illustrate synthetic biology, representing the bacterial transformation process.
On the bottom right, the thin lines look like DNA and plasmids, while the dripping boards ( acrylic spray with a toothbrush) look like bacterial colonies.
We had a lot of fun participating in this challenge and of course we hope to win!

translation poster iGEM Kazakhstan :

The goal of this collaboration was to create and make synthetic biology documents as accessible as possible.
They were available for school students and also there to help iGEM teams who face the same problem with the availability of materials in their mother tongue.
We had the pleasure to translate 3 different posters in French and Bulgarian.

fluffy challenge (igem Moscow) :

Team members are not just humans!
Animals are just as important as our members since they bring comfort and joy to their daily lives.
The Moscow team wanted each team to share their pets, so we accepted the challenge!
We had the pleasure to translate 3 different posters in French and Bulgarian.

musical challenge :

We initiated a challenge on Instagram to highlight the musical talents of each iGEM team while sharing kind and joyful moments!
In our team, our leader Julie showed her talent as a pianist.
We are fans! (she plays too well, she is the best)

Monument challenge :

This was the first challenge of the year 2021, initiated by the iGEM Go Paris Saclay team!
We are proud of our city - Nantes, which attracts more and more Parisians for its quality of life eheh.
We took pictures in front of a historical monument of our city: the Lu tower, an emblematic symbol of Nantes' cookies!

Polyglotte challenge :

We initiated an Instagram challenge, asking the other teams what languages their members speak.
After accepting the challenge, they had to identify teams of their choice so that the concept could reach as many teams as possible.
We were curious to know the number of languages within the same team. The linguistic diversity is impressive! Some teams speak more than ten different languages.