Our project aims to reduce, and maybe even solve, a local environmental, health, and economic issue: Ulva spp.

Green tides in Brittany,caused by anthropogenic eutrophication.

Eutrophication induces anoxic zones that enhance the proliferation of Sulfacto Reductor Bacterias (SRB).

SRB uses Ulva algae to produce hydrogen sulfide, which is deadly for a wide variety of organisms, even in small concentrations.

Consequently, the whole underwater ecosystem could be damaged.

Using chemical, biochemical and biological tools, our team wants to accelerate and valorize the degradation of Ulva spp.:

By recycling the sulfate and finding utilization for the remaining biomass (biomethane extraction, bioplastic, and compost manufacture).

As it is slowly becoming a global problem, we want to raise awareness of this phenomenon through meetings, games, and social media.

Thanks to collaborations with several companies that made our project possible, we expect to encourage other countries to follow up and:

Value their green tides.